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From our residents

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

I’ve lived in this community for 14 years and Southwest Chicago land my entire life.


     I am a ‘return’ member to the Village Voice Party (the original “grass-roots” party name) now that Mr. Wasowicz and his allies have moved to form another party.   I believe in the integrity of the founders of the VVP and once again feel comfortable attending party meetings and expressing my opinion.  As a Registered Nurse, I am very much appreciative of the professionalism the current members of the VVP exhibit.

I see the shift of Mayor Wasowicz and his new party as “the Blood” and the core group of the Village Voice Party as “the Heart”.   As an RN with a great deal of experience in cardiovascular nursing, I know that blood is useless without the heart to pump it.


Each new member to the Village Voice from our community, since the hemorrhaging of Mayor Wasowicz’s group from the core, has been like a unit of blood transfusing new life into the Party.  Thus our heart remains strong!”


                                                                                              Rita Campana

                                                                                              (avid voter)