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Monday, August 31st, 2009

by Terri Commonwealth

  It must be the thing to do in this contemporary progressive political age:  win an elected seat and before the paint on your name dries at the front door, parlay your squad for higher office.  Newly elected Justice Trustee John Fairman is trying just that.  With four months of experience as a Village Trustee under his belt, Fairman has filed with the State Board of Elections his Political Action Committee and its intent to run him for the 2010 Cook County Board of Commissioners for the 6th district as a Democratic candidate.  John is the Justice candidate who traded votes for chicken wing lunches on Election Day of April 2009, as reported on WBBM-Am 780.

  Justice is where he got his political wings.  We should all be very thankful that yet another dedicated public servant would work and campaign so hard for his constituents while seeking another office.  Will he succeed in his quest or be sent back to the roost?  Only the voters can decide.  First he must make it through the Primary Election in February 2010.  Then he has to win the General in November.  You have to figure fundraising, campaigning and kissing babies are definitely in his immediate future.  It takes a lot of money to win a seat on the Cook County Board.  It also requires a lot of time traveling and shaking hands.  Will there be any leftover time to dedicate to his Justice post?

  The 6th district is a horseshoe shape with its northwest boundary at the village of Justice were it moves south through Bridgeview, Hickory Hills, Oak Lawn, Chicago Ridge, Worth, Alsip, Palos Heights, and Orland Park.  The district then moves southeast to Tinley Park, East Hazel Crest, Matteson, Richton Park and finishes south at University Park.  Next, the district  winds around the 5th district east to the Indiana border including villages and towns such as Park Forest, South Chicago Heights, Steger, Sauk Village and Lynwood and it finally wraps around the 5th heading north to Glenwood, Thornton, Lansing, South Holland, Calumet City, and finally to Dolton.  In all, a whopping 35 towns and villages are served by the 6th district commissioner, not a small feat for a rookie politician.

  What has he accomplished in the past four months to convince this very diverse electorate that he is worthy of earning a seat on the County Board?  Will he be a reformer or status quo politician?  Can he stand up to the political mechanization we know as Cook County government?  He so far has been taciturn on his goals for the area and will have to do a better job communicating to the voters.  The 6th district is large with many neighborhoods, some are well off and some are struggling.  Four months as a Justice Village Trustee is not a lot of time for Fairman to have explored the constituency he now thinks himself qualified to represent.  He needs to prove himself in one village before he tries to take on 35 more.


Village Voice 4th Annual Family Picnic

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

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Summer Event!

Friday, August 21st, 2009

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Fun for the whole family!!


Leaving so soon?

Friday, August 14th, 2009

By and far the National Night out on August 4th sponsored by the Justice Police department and Roberts Park Fire protection district was a smashing success.  It was wonderful to see our police and firemen meeting with the residents, and seeing our neighbors come out to support this event and so many children having a wonderful time.  Kudos to them for all of their hard work to make this happen!  We look forward to having this event in our village for many years to come.

The only thing that was disappointing was the fact that a recently seated trustee John Fairman, who didn’t even bother to attend the event, was using it to gain signatures on his petitions for his upcoming bid at a county board seat. Among the various services and program tables set up for the residents was a table that seemed to only serve the trustees own need for petition signatures.

It’s disappointing to see someone who was just recently elected by the residents of our village making plans to leave so quickly.  Was this election just a spring board for him to move onto bigger and better things?  Even worse was the fact that some residents were presented with a clipboard and told to ‘Just sign this’ with no explanation as to what was being signed.  If only we had a fully functioning ethics committee we’re sure they would have found this to be walking on shaky ground.  It remains to be seen whether or not this table was set up with Trustee Fairman’s permission and how this decision to run for county board will impact the residents of our village.


Commentary from the Curmudgeon

Monday, August 10th, 2009

What’s new, that age old question? In Justice it’s all about politics. Not much else happens in Justice.

We now have an unpaid Chief of staff.

Yes they said unpaid, looks like he can sit in the closed sessions and give orders. He likes to talk a lot so the meetings will go on and on.

Do you believe unpaid? Remember there ain’t no free lunch. Seems kind of arrogant, do they think we are that stupid. Guess they do.

The treasurer or what ever that position is called was considered part time. It went from 400 bucks a month to 55 thousand a year. Not bad for a part time job, I wonder if that person will quit his full time job.

He was touted as being very successful in the private sector. So much so that 55 grand would be considered kind of minimal. We are so lucky to get such a grand appointed employee. He makes more than the mayor and our new Chief of Staff.

So who got screwed other than us Justinian’s????

The CLERK, another part time position.

I don’t see how she can afford to keep the job, especially after she loses her insurance.

Then the new Chief of staff can pick a new clerk. Maybe he will pick himself????????? Maybe.

How does this all Shakman up??? Do you think they are ignoring the law? Here comes the judge.

We have a new lawyer I had better not talk about him, as I will probably be sued. To hell with free speech!

We will be watching the lawyer. Will he double dip as judge?

Thanks for reading and we will keep you informed.

Now I have to go out and work in the private sector.

Signed the Curmudgeon



Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

By Bill Gantz

Staff Writer

  The Village of Justice Board recently voted unanimously to give a 30-day appointment to retired Justice Deputy Police Chief Jerry Carter, for the position of Chief of Staff. The 30-day period is in advance of an ordinance detailing the arrangement and is without pay.  Carter also served as Campaign Manager on both of Mayor Kris Wasowicz’s successful bids for mayor.  In addition to these qualifications the new Chief of Staff has been Wasowicz’s advisor during his transition period and continues to direct him on policies for governing the village.

  What role will the new appointment mean for Justice residents?  Will it become a paid position as time moves forward?

  No other municipalities our size or under our form of government, the Mayor and Trustee form, have granted this title.  Why does the Village Board feel they need to?  Residents will have to wait and see how the new position works out.