By Bill Gantz

Staff Writer

  The Village of Justice Board recently voted unanimously to give a 30-day appointment to retired Justice Deputy Police Chief Jerry Carter, for the position of Chief of Staff. The 30-day period is in advance of an ordinance detailing the arrangement and is without pay.  Carter also served as Campaign Manager on both of Mayor Kris Wasowicz’s successful bids for mayor.  In addition to these qualifications the new Chief of Staff has been Wasowicz’s advisor during his transition period and continues to direct him on policies for governing the village.

  What role will the new appointment mean for Justice residents?  Will it become a paid position as time moves forward?

  No other municipalities our size or under our form of government, the Mayor and Trustee form, have granted this title.  Why does the Village Board feel they need to?  Residents will have to wait and see how the new position works out.