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Leaving so soon?

Friday, August 14th, 2009

By and far the National Night out on August 4th sponsored by the Justice Police department and Roberts Park Fire protection district was a smashing success.  It was wonderful to see our police and firemen meeting with the residents, and seeing our neighbors come out to support this event and so many children having a wonderful time.  Kudos to them for all of their hard work to make this happen!  We look forward to having this event in our village for many years to come.

The only thing that was disappointing was the fact that a recently seated trustee John Fairman, who didn’t even bother to attend the event, was using it to gain signatures on his petitions for his upcoming bid at a county board seat. Among the various services and program tables set up for the residents was a table that seemed to only serve the trustees own need for petition signatures.

It’s disappointing to see someone who was just recently elected by the residents of our village making plans to leave so quickly.  Was this election just a spring board for him to move onto bigger and better things?  Even worse was the fact that some residents were presented with a clipboard and told to ‘Just sign this’ with no explanation as to what was being signed.  If only we had a fully functioning ethics committee we’re sure they would have found this to be walking on shaky ground.  It remains to be seen whether or not this table was set up with Trustee Fairman’s permission and how this decision to run for county board will impact the residents of our village.