What are the seated elected bosses of our Village thinking?

Did they give their boss permission to use Public Works to build his fence?

I would think he shoved it down their throat.

After all he is the real boss!    Was it a show of power?

If that is indeed the case, what a show of arrogance! I don’t think the seven up front “got dumb” all of a sudden.

We all have an opinion about the talents, intelligence, and sincerity or lack thereof in regard to our current elected officials.

Why do we Justinian’s have an appointed person running our Village?

Why didn’t this person run for office?

Is the fence a form of pay to the new Public Works Director/ Justice Village Chief of Staff?

Gee I’m using a lot of question marks!

I guess there will be more questions, unless it comes down like the Berlin wall.

Glad to be talking to you,    The Curmudgeon