The Village Voice is a community-based organization founded in 2004.  We strive to improve the Village of Justice through volunteer work, political activism and municipal elections.  Our members donate their time and resources for causes we believe promote a healthy neighborhood environment now and in our future.

  By attending meetings as well as speaking with our many supporters, the Village Voice is in a good position to speak to the topics of the day.  Our membership includes Justice residents from all walks of life such as: past village officers, senior citizens, community activists, working people, homemakers as well as business professionals.

  We hold regularly scheduled meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at 7863 Cronin Avenue at 7:00 pm, in Justice.  Our activities include: maintaining this WEB site, running election campaigns, local volunteer efforts, newsletters, fund raising and raising awareness to important issues that affect the Village citizens of Justice.  Please notice because of the many holiday activities and time spent with family we do not meet in December.

  Recently we have partnered with Saint Blasé Church handing out Thanksgiving baskets to Justice residents and sharing the spirit of the holiday to those who need it, while maintaining their confidentiality.

  If you have noble ideas come join us at a meeting, be a part of your community.