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Park District Cancels Special Meeting

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

By Bill Gantz

Staff Reporter 

   Last night the Justice Park District Board of Commissioners cancelled a crucial levy conference to attend the Lyons Township board meeting.  The Township trustees were scheduled to discuss the current proposals that have been submitted for grant funding.  The source of the funding is a November 2004 voter approved $10 million bond referendum.  The referendum was created to save open space at the Timber Trails Golf Course.  However that plan met up with opposition from communities all over Lyons Township and included legal action.  A second additional $10 million referendum was defeated in April of 2005 leaving after much political and legal wrangling, the original $10 million which will be paid by township taxpayers.  The Park District Board members were so excited about going they showed up 45 minutes late and missed the entire discussion. 

  There was no advance posting at the Park District office of a meeting change.  Not only was the special Park District Board meeting cancelled without proper notice, the commissioners couldn’t even make the important meeting on time.  According to the group of commissioners they did not know the Lyons meeting started at 6:00pm.  As of this writing the next meeting scheduled for the Park District is December 22 at 7:00 pm, in the Park District office.