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Local School Children Collect for Haiti

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

The Village Voice commends the efforts of our local school for their fundraising  relief efforts to Haiti. Wilkins Jr High and Elementary are collecting funds for Haiti earth quake survivors. If you wish to donate to Haiti please have the front office contact Candace Thurmon before February 17th, 2010.
George T. Wilkins Elementary & Junior High
8001  S. 82nd Avenue
Justice ,Il 60458
(708) 496 8708


Village Finances Turn Disgraceful

Friday, February 5th, 2010

After almost 18 months of financial mismanagement the Justice Village Board faces a huge budget deficit. By the boards own projections, they passed a 2010 budget that has an almost  $500,000.00 shortfall. Furthermore, the current administration has acknowledged they are carrying over debt from fiscal 2009 totaling apr. $350.000.00. Because of the village board’s lack of financial discipline the village is looking at an economic disaster of close to one million dollars. 

  Excuses and finger pointing have become the norm for explaining this monetary catastrophe. In hopes of deflecting blame from the village board’s failure to control village funds the board says lack of state funding, a poor economy and possible department mismanagement are major reasons for the massive village deficit. Not surprising, none of the current board members assume any personal responsibility. 

  Unlike the present village board, village residents anticipating the potential pains of a slower economy coupled with concerns about their income and bills, made personal choices to guard against financial problems. The village board, on the other hand, ignoring imminent signs of reduced revenues and unchecked spending, has pushed village finances to dangerous levels.  The village has no money in reserves. 

  Several Village Voice members who attended the public budget workshop meeting have made sound suggestions to the board in hopes of pointing out that hard choices are evident and necessary. Unfortunately, rather than admitting their combined mistakes they show more concern about their political future and continued hope that “In Time Things Will Work Themselves Out”.  

  After a careful review of the village’s current finances with a financial consultant, members of the Village Voice Party are convinced that a sound three-year program will be necessary to undo the financial damage that has been caused by the current board over the last 18 months.