Nothing has changed.

Can’t we afford the material to fix the potholes, or did we not pay that bill?
What happened to the proposed ALDI store at Cork and 79st street we heard about last year?
What is there makes for a poor first impression of Justice.
About the sidewalk along 79th Street?  Maybe they thought we forgot.
I noticed a lot of empty stores in the village.
Did the governing body make the fees to high?
Who is responsible for  such high fee’s?
Does the village offer incentives?   Palms up is not an incentive!
Why is the Park District in such turmoil?
Does anybody know what they are doing at the Park District?
They like to do politics over there and that’s too bad.
The Police Department seems to have some problems, maybe they should stay away from politicians.   FAR AWAY.

I went to the first Ethics Committee meeting, some of the VILLAGE BOSSES sat there eating popcorn and pretty much denigrated the whole proceeding. There was a continuation, maybe they will put butter on the popcorn.   So sad .

About the budget, unlike OBAMA the village bosses can’t print money. They took a lesson from Gov. Quinn. They are going to bring forward the debt and plan on increasing the debt with more overspending. Maybe if we auctioned off the right to name the village to a sponsor we could knock down the debt!

I would like to see comments on possible names. We need a good laugh!

Thinking about this stuff depresses me- going cycling.

See you around.

The Curmudgeon