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Village Board Meeting 4/26/2010

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

What exactly is happening with the village board? After another tense and at point’s terse board meeting Monday night it leaves you to wonder what is happening and if all the rumors of a power grab are really true.  On the agenda for Monday night’s board meeting an appointment schedule for committees was attached. When reviewing it Trustee Murray was missing from all of the committees and was further voted off the Centennial Committee last night to be replaced with Trustee Kinga Bartoszek.   Further into the meeting Trustee Pastorino moved to have the village attorney provide the Mayor with all of the relevant information pertaining to the “Gary Shehie” investigation so that it can be turned over to the ethics committee for further investigation.  To recap the “Gary Shehie” incident is the alleged request to “fix”  a marijuana possession charge by Trustee Murray and former Trustee John Fairman.

When questioned as to why Trustee Murray was not appointed to any committee and as to how he is supposed to function effectively as a trustee and earn his salary a piece of village code was quoted (Sec 2-85) All standing committees shall consist of (3) three members and shall be appointed annually by the board of trustees by majority vote.  Trustee Murray went onto comment that he felt that “They do not want him in discussion of village business”.  When asked how that decision was made during the public comment portion of the meeting Mayor Wasowicz said that it was up to the village board and directed them to answer. Trustee McGee replied that it was”due to the censure”, and no surprise, Trustee Bartoszek, DePaola, and Pastorino had “no comment”. Is there more to this move than meets the eye? Certainly we may never know because we have a village board refusing to explain when, why and where this decision was made. 

As serious as the charges are, and they are serious  it seems out of proportion for the board to react the way it has thus far.  We have a Trustee cut out of information, collecting a $600 a month salary, who isn’t really performing any duties for the residents of the village and the majority of the village board has “no comment” to the residents of this town? Do they remember who they work for and answer to while they’re sitting up on that dais?


Do you know?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010


The Justice Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a beautiful flower and vegetable garden contest this year? You can stop by the Village Hall to obtain more information and pick up a sign up form.

Village Wide Garage Sales will be held May 14, 15. 16th, free permits available from the Village Hall on May 1st.

The Village will also be having a bulk item pick up May 18th to 21st. You may have two large items to set out at the curb, not to exceed 50 pounds, or two cans of construction debris.  More information will be coming available in the month of May. Also, there will be an electronic disposal dumpster at the Village Hall from May 14-16 for items such as televisions, computer monitors, ect.

The West Suburban Council on Aging’s Congregant Meal Program offers seniors 60 and over the opportunity to lunch with friends, become involved in special events and activities all locally and at a wonderful price.  The lunches are served daily at 11:30 am, and reservations are required 24 hours in advance and the cost is $2.

Salerno Picente Restaurant

9301 W 63rd St Hodgkins, Il


The menu for the month’s meals can be found on the link below:


Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

This Thursday is the monthly neighborhood watch meeting at 7 pm at the Village Hall.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to attend a meeting before come check it out. The meetings last roughly 45 minutes to an hour and can help keep you up to date about things that are happening in town.


A Note from the Curmudgeon

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Good morning my fellow Justinian’s,

The now famous John Fairman letter was forced off this proud web site.

The threat of litigation was all it took. Kind of an expensive way to battle them.

We don’t get the same kind of donations that our seated opponents do.

So, we have to earn our money.

To that end WE are going to have a TEXAS HOLDEM fund raiser.

Come and play, gonna be lots of fun. I promise not to talk about politics,

AND you will help promote freedom of speech.

More about that threat of litigation in future articles.

Ya,ll come and play,

The Curmudgeon


Committee Meeting on 4/21/2010

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Village of Justice, are you ready for latest from the genius’  that are running are village, if not get ready because this is a new idea that has come from the Office Manager of the Village of Justice, these are the people that are running our village:

Mr. Gabrys at a committee meeting on April 21, 2010 made a suggestion to close the Village Hall on Saturday’s because of the lack of foot traffic and to save costs.  Ok, I don’t know about most of the people that live in the Village, but I work Monday to Friday, leaving the house by 7:45 and not getting home until 5:30-5:45.  The office is open during the week from 8 to 4, doesn’t fit my schedule, I don’t know if it fits anyone else’s that works, so Saturday’s are very convenient for me.

Now when Kinga Bartoszek questioned Mr. Gabrys about Saturday’s being used to catch up from the week, i.e. filing, doing things they can’t get done, he stated that he thought they could hire someone part time to come in and help.  HELLO, but did you just state you wanted to save money, but we are going to hire someone part time, and didn’t you just let Judy Fields go.  WHAT?

Maybe Mr. Gabrys should try doing a little more around the office.  Seems to me when Ms. Svoboda was in charge things got done, could that be because she was a woman?  Don’t know but it seems right to me.  If someone can make sense of this suggestion by Mr. Gabrys please feel free to let us know.

Also, another thing that happened at that meeting is that Mr.Pasterino stated he had made up a list of the people that should be on committees, again HELLO, is that not the Mayor’s job?  He didn’t even give the Mayor his list; he did give them to all the other trustees, but none to the Mayor, what is going on?  The Mayor looked terribly confused, and that is more than normal at these meetings.

They also went in to executive meeting, but only the voting members, Ms. Svoboda was not allowed, my question, who took minutes?  I have no idea.

People if you need a good laugh or a night at the circus come to a committee meeting; it is the best show in town right now.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.


The Curmudgeon on Recent Events

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Good afternoon my fellow Justinian’s, It is incredible as to what is happening to our village board.

Our village is being run by a non elected official. A trustee who raised all of the rates that a business has to pay to do business in our village and then wanted to throw out the businesses that were slow to pay.

A trustee who seems to have access to unlimited funds- Money talks folks!

Then there is the constant threat of litigation, as in to hell with the Constitution. The powers that be have been doing a pretty crappy job. This is a shining example of what not to do. They talk about transparency it is only talk.

When one tries to do transparency one should be wearing clean underwear.

Their party the PVP is now full of United Party people and some are being appointed to positions of responsibility. The Mayor has no AUTHORITY; the aforementioned three will abrogate his position.

The only ally he will be able to trust is G. P. and the attorney, if he gets paid.

Thanks for reading, The Curmudgeon


To The Readers

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Never be afraid to stand with the minority when the minority is right, for the minority which is right will one day be the majority.

-William Jennings Bryan

To the readers of the Village Voice Website:

Some of you were privy to a letter written by ex-Trustee John Fairman criticizing the Board and how they announced his resignation, others were not because it was demanded that we take his letter off our Website by the Mayor, Kris Wasowicz and the attorney for the Village Mr. DelGaldo.

This was not done in a very professional manner, it was done by e-mail.  It was done sending this e-mail to people’s personal e-mails.  E-mail addresses that are not published, e-mails that are given to friends for personal communication.  This in itself is incomprehensible.  These two men are so afraid that someone is going to read something against them on a website that is run by a small group of concerned citizens that they threaten those citizens with legal action if we didn’t remove that letter.

This goes to prove that they are reading our Website, and that means they are running scared.  They only want you to hear their side of the story, and that’s government in the Village of Justice.  We didn’t even have that Letter from Mr. Fairman on our website for a day and by evening we were being told to cease and desist or we would be sued.

Mr. DelGaldo and Mr. Wasowicz I don’t know if you realize this but this is a FREE NATION.  You are allowed to hear both sides of the story, but if that is what you want then I guess anyone that has not read the letter on our website will have to attend the next Village of Justice Board Meeting which will be on April 26 @ 7:30 p.m.  Mr. Fairman has asked for that letter to be read by Ms. Svoboda and since it is correspondence it is supposed to be read at the meeting.  But that’s another story because what is supposed to happen and what will happen we will have to wait and see.

The one good thing that has come from this cease and desist order is that we know George Orwell was right Big Brother is watching and that is our intent, to let the Village Residents know what is happening in town, and now everyone will know because Mr. Wasowicz and Mr. DelGaldo made it an even bigger story.

I probably will be getting another cease and desist order because of this, but I did not publish the letter that was sent to me, I only let you know the contents of the e-mail cover page that was sent.  And that is JUSTICE in JUSTICE.


An Open Letter from John Fairman

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Previously this space held a letter that we were provided by Mr. Fairman regarding his version of events surrounding the recent censure hearing. Yesterday we received a cease and desist letter from Del Galdo Law group on behalf of Kris Wasowicz and Del Galdo Law group. As stated previously at this point in time we will honor this request.

4/14/2010 We have been contacted by Del Gado law group this evening at 8:30 requesting that the letter we were given below be removed by 9 am, Thursday April 15, 2010.  While we believe that this violates our First Amendment rights at this time we will honor this request.


Village Board, Fractions Further

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

The April 12th 2010 Village of Justice board meeting opened with Village President Kris Wascowicz reading a letter of resignation from first term Trustee John Fairman. In the letter it stated that Mr. Fairman was resigning due to family obligations and relocating to be closer to his law firm.  Moments later Mr. Wascowicz announced the early morning resignation of Tom Garrette, the hearing officer and former attorney for the village.  The Mayor then read from an ordinance that moved to censure Trustees Fairman and Murray, and Tom Garrette.  This is the first known instance of this happening in Village history. The purpose of a censure is to publically reprimand a public official for inappropriate behavior while there are no apparent legal consequences of a censure this serves as a condemnation of inappropriate behavior.  The reason for the censure stems from an incident where a person known to Trustee Fairman was charged by local police on a marijuana charge.   An allegation was made that Trustees Fairman and Murray approached the local police department to try to have the charge dropped. Further, that Mr. Garrette was also involved in the attempt to have the charges removed. An investigation was started at the behest of President Wascowicz and it the allegations were serious enough to vote for a censure.  Trustees McGee, Bartoszek, DePaola and Pastorino all voted in favor of the censure, Trustee Murray refrained from voting due to the fact that he felt he did not have sufficient time to review the documents and Trustee Murray offered no comment into his actions regarding the incident.  This comes on the heels of the Ethics hearing that was held weeks ago regarding the allegation of Trustee Murray potentially misusing his village issued cell phone for Trustee John Fairman’s county board campaign after it was found to be listed on documents submitted to the Illinois State Board of Election.   This now leaves an open seat on the Village Board for a Trustee. A local resident sought to offer his resume and letter of intent for the open seat but was advised by the Village Attorney that the seat would stay vacant and be filled during the next election.


The Bigger Picture

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

By Terri Commonwealth


  I’ve been told that in Illinois politics, your friends stab you in the front.  However hard that may be to understand, who would expect that really could be true?  Certainly we know it happens.  We picture the person getting the “dagger” probably had it coming or there is more to the story than we know.  Fair enough, but I want to be a bit naïve, artless and ingenuous.  I want to speak to the men and women that take the time to think over the candidates then go to the polls.  I want to address the voter, the one that winds up getting it in the end after the election is over.

  In Justice let’s take a look at the campaign and the promises of the Village Clerk office and the wheeling/dealing that followed it.  As usual the standard rhetoric was brought out, as people were fed a message that focused on the many duties of this office, accompanied with the requisite need for experience.  For the Village Clerk post among the many responsibilities pledged, the collecting of special assessments and fees as well as receiving of monies for sewerage and garbage service were touted.  Billing residents for services and keeping records for those services were talked up as well.  Submitting the required office filings to the Village Board and staying up to date with the many technical filings the county requires, these things too need to be performed by a capable Village Clerk.  Maintain a presence at Village Hall, supervise office staff and negotiate benefits for Village employees. The stakes were high!  That’s how it’s always presented to the voters.  People want to feel good about their vote.  Is that naïve?  Face it we believe a lot of what we read and are told.  But is that how this thing played out?  To a point it did, but not entirely.

  It turns out; there were two components to the Village Clerk office.  There is the filing and record-keeping part legislated by state statute and then there is the collecting, bill paying and bargaining for service contracts part as provided by local ordinance and tradition, the other part.  Three months after election victory was secured and the losers vanquished the now reelected Clerk was told her role and salary would be cut in half.  Because unknown to the voters or even the Clerk, behind closed doors a backroom deal had been cut.  In comes the “blade” held by her political party, ouch!  By a simple yes vote of a surreptitious new ordinance, all six trustees adopted and the mayor granted to him, new powers and authority to appoint the financial and office functions the Clerk had filled.  Isn’t that what they really wanted after all?  Further with no job search conducted an incumbent trustee who unexplainably didn’t rerun for office got the new appointment!  A person the mayor can now control separate from the elected position. Here I’ll be artless, if you run a ticket on promises shouldn’t that be what you deliver?  Shouldn’t we get what we vote for?  Why not tell the voters your true intentions? 

  The answer to those questions is simply the fact that had the mayor and his political insiders spoke the truth, they may have not won the election.  The Clerk has a lot of friends in this town, a lot.  She also gave a lot of her money to the mayor’s party. 

  Of course none of this is going to disorder the lives of the men and woman who vote.  I am ingenuous enough to suffer through our elected officials foibles, we are so lucky they are out there working for us.  As a society we aren’t really surprised over the difference of what politicians promise at election time when they try to make us feel good with our vote and what we wind up with anyway.  The voters see this far too often, but they keep trying and they keep struggling with an imperfect process.