By Victor Stiefel

Staff Reporter

Though it hasn’t come down to barefaced hostility, the strain in the new administration comes close to bare knuckles.  The majority of Justice Board meetings are routine.  Other times, a simple discussion can lead to raised voices and irrelevant accusations.

Mayor Kris Wasowicz split from his home party to head up one of unity, including in it past rivals. The Peoples Voice Party banner now ties together a dissimilar group of people he had once even campaigned against.  How is this working out?  Sources within this latest of Justice political groups, confirm a second split is well underway and that infighting among the set is causing a variety of accusations to be spread.

Shared by people who are very close to the situation:  one village trustee, through an e-mail account, is accusing trustee Mike Murray and John Fairman of abusing their seats in office.  Another confidential source is making statements of the political deals being cut for village legal services.  Further another insider is saying the search for the Public Works Director ended badly because of political wrangling.  Purportedly this move caused a rift ending in further dissent.

A recent building department employee put it this way, “everyone is going their own way” and “departments don’t communicate with each other like they used to.”

What does this mean to the public?  Indeed backbiting has a professional effect on the conduct of the board.  The meeting in which the Public Works Director job was discussed turned into a battle of egos as witnessed by members of the audience.  Said one attendee, “if there would have been stones in the room they would of thrown them at each other!”  This discord was focused over the choice of the new director and the sovereignty of the committee that made that choice.

Another recent example of disharmony, trustee Phil DePaola brought to the board an idea to develop a truck stop at the Compass Freight property in Special Tax District number three (TIF 3), way over stepping his authority and without knowledge of even the mayor himself.  According to DePaola the meeting was conducted with the mayor’s Chief of Staff as he confirmed ongoing discussions with the business owner toward adding 60 more parking spaces to the site as well as the truck stop concept.  The plan was shot down.

Actions define the treatment of this party to it’s own members and “a house divided against itself can not stand.”  Add to the mix the double-crossing that the Peoples Party handed to their own Village Clerk pick or the dubious way the village attorney, another pick, was covertly sacked and the picture becomes clear.  This is not a group to be outdone by any past examples of dysfunction.  If the list of incident were limited to these examples you could say this is just a learning curve; no this is an ongoing drama.  If an elected board fights with itself, if an elected political party fights within itself and tries to pass along, all is well here then a different type of dysfunction is awarded.  It’s called a tragedy.