The April 12th 2010 Village of Justice board meeting opened with Village President Kris Wascowicz reading a letter of resignation from first term Trustee John Fairman. In the letter it stated that Mr. Fairman was resigning due to family obligations and relocating to be closer to his law firm.  Moments later Mr. Wascowicz announced the early morning resignation of Tom Garrette, the hearing officer and former attorney for the village.  The Mayor then read from an ordinance that moved to censure Trustees Fairman and Murray, and Tom Garrette.  This is the first known instance of this happening in Village history. The purpose of a censure is to publically reprimand a public official for inappropriate behavior while there are no apparent legal consequences of a censure this serves as a condemnation of inappropriate behavior.  The reason for the censure stems from an incident where a person known to Trustee Fairman was charged by local police on a marijuana charge.   An allegation was made that Trustees Fairman and Murray approached the local police department to try to have the charge dropped. Further, that Mr. Garrette was also involved in the attempt to have the charges removed. An investigation was started at the behest of President Wascowicz and it the allegations were serious enough to vote for a censure.  Trustees McGee, Bartoszek, DePaola and Pastorino all voted in favor of the censure, Trustee Murray refrained from voting due to the fact that he felt he did not have sufficient time to review the documents and Trustee Murray offered no comment into his actions regarding the incident.  This comes on the heels of the Ethics hearing that was held weeks ago regarding the allegation of Trustee Murray potentially misusing his village issued cell phone for Trustee John Fairman’s county board campaign after it was found to be listed on documents submitted to the Illinois State Board of Election.   This now leaves an open seat on the Village Board for a Trustee. A local resident sought to offer his resume and letter of intent for the open seat but was advised by the Village Attorney that the seat would stay vacant and be filled during the next election.