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The Curmudgeon on Recent Events

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Good afternoon my fellow Justinian’s, It is incredible as to what is happening to our village board.

Our village is being run by a non elected official. A trustee who raised all of the rates that a business has to pay to do business in our village and then wanted to throw out the businesses that were slow to pay.

A trustee who seems to have access to unlimited funds- Money talks folks!

Then there is the constant threat of litigation, as in to hell with the Constitution. The powers that be have been doing a pretty crappy job. This is a shining example of what not to do. They talk about transparency it is only talk.

When one tries to do transparency one should be wearing clean underwear.

Their party the PVP is now full of United Party people and some are being appointed to positions of responsibility. The Mayor has no AUTHORITY; the aforementioned three will abrogate his position.

The only ally he will be able to trust is G. P. and the attorney, if he gets paid.

Thanks for reading, The Curmudgeon