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Committee Meeting on 4/21/2010

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Village of Justice, are you ready for latest from the genius’  that are running are village, if not get ready because this is a new idea that has come from the Office Manager of the Village of Justice, these are the people that are running our village:

Mr. Gabrys at a committee meeting on April 21, 2010 made a suggestion to close the Village Hall on Saturday’s because of the lack of foot traffic and to save costs.  Ok, I don’t know about most of the people that live in the Village, but I work Monday to Friday, leaving the house by 7:45 and not getting home until 5:30-5:45.  The office is open during the week from 8 to 4, doesn’t fit my schedule, I don’t know if it fits anyone else’s that works, so Saturday’s are very convenient for me.

Now when Kinga Bartoszek questioned Mr. Gabrys about Saturday’s being used to catch up from the week, i.e. filing, doing things they can’t get done, he stated that he thought they could hire someone part time to come in and help.  HELLO, but did you just state you wanted to save money, but we are going to hire someone part time, and didn’t you just let Judy Fields go.  WHAT?

Maybe Mr. Gabrys should try doing a little more around the office.  Seems to me when Ms. Svoboda was in charge things got done, could that be because she was a woman?  Don’t know but it seems right to me.  If someone can make sense of this suggestion by Mr. Gabrys please feel free to let us know.

Also, another thing that happened at that meeting is that Mr.Pasterino stated he had made up a list of the people that should be on committees, again HELLO, is that not the Mayor’s job?  He didn’t even give the Mayor his list; he did give them to all the other trustees, but none to the Mayor, what is going on?  The Mayor looked terribly confused, and that is more than normal at these meetings.

They also went in to executive meeting, but only the voting members, Ms. Svoboda was not allowed, my question, who took minutes?  I have no idea.

People if you need a good laugh or a night at the circus come to a committee meeting; it is the best show in town right now.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.