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Village Board Meeting 4/26/2010

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

What exactly is happening with the village board? After another tense and at point’s terse board meeting Monday night it leaves you to wonder what is happening and if all the rumors of a power grab are really true.  On the agenda for Monday night’s board meeting an appointment schedule for committees was attached. When reviewing it Trustee Murray was missing from all of the committees and was further voted off the Centennial Committee last night to be replaced with Trustee Kinga Bartoszek.   Further into the meeting Trustee Pastorino moved to have the village attorney provide the Mayor with all of the relevant information pertaining to the “Gary Shehie” investigation so that it can be turned over to the ethics committee for further investigation.  To recap the “Gary Shehie” incident is the alleged request to “fix”  a marijuana possession charge by Trustee Murray and former Trustee John Fairman.

When questioned as to why Trustee Murray was not appointed to any committee and as to how he is supposed to function effectively as a trustee and earn his salary a piece of village code was quoted (Sec 2-85) All standing committees shall consist of (3) three members and shall be appointed annually by the board of trustees by majority vote.  Trustee Murray went onto comment that he felt that “They do not want him in discussion of village business”.  When asked how that decision was made during the public comment portion of the meeting Mayor Wasowicz said that it was up to the village board and directed them to answer. Trustee McGee replied that it was”due to the censure”, and no surprise, Trustee Bartoszek, DePaola, and Pastorino had “no comment”. Is there more to this move than meets the eye? Certainly we may never know because we have a village board refusing to explain when, why and where this decision was made. 

As serious as the charges are, and they are serious  it seems out of proportion for the board to react the way it has thus far.  We have a Trustee cut out of information, collecting a $600 a month salary, who isn’t really performing any duties for the residents of the village and the majority of the village board has “no comment” to the residents of this town? Do they remember who they work for and answer to while they’re sitting up on that dais?