In the last week we have received several emails asking us to address the comment made by Trustee Phil DePaola in the April 29th edition of the Des Plaines Valley News stating that the Village Voice Party should be investigated.  Investigated for what exactly we don’t know.   Maybe Trustee DePaola means to suggest that a resident of Justice who comes to a board meeting and actively participates in their community and has questions is worthy of investigation? It’s really hard to guess what Trustee DePaola meant by that comment other than it seems that yet again the village board has issues with citizens exercising their rights to freedom of speech.    We are not sure why a small group of concerned citizens would warrant an investigation and what sort of an investigation that would be.  If the Mayor and his board would like to continue to suggest that the residents “Be a part of their community” and then suggest they should be “investigated” for doing just that very thing that they are trying to encourage maybe the right hand should try to remember what the left hand is doing.