Like a pot left on the stove too long tensions at Monday’s board meeting were boiling over.  The long suspected cracks between the board members and Mayor were seen on full display yesterday evening during a heated exchange with Mayor Wasowicz and Trustee DePaola.  After giving his report Trustee DePaola went on to make a motion regarding the board of trustees moving for an Ethics Hearing, the matter of the ethics hearing remained unnamed last night, as Mayor Wasowicz denied the motion and deferred it to be discussed at the next committee meeting as the motion was “Not on the agenda”.  Trustee DePaola went onto say that it was a “surprise” which caused several members of the audience to laugh at his expense. Trustee DePaola went onto openly argue with the Mayor citing that they “Allowed the Richie Sparr thing” to be heard and that was not on the agenda, however the Mayor cited the need to have that position filled which Trustee DePaola argued back and forth with the Mayor on. The Mayor had to remind Trustee DePaola that he was out of order numerous times.  Finally, the Mayor, noting that “We all love surprises” put the matter to rest and denied the motion and deferred it to committee and seemingly unsatisfied with this Trustee DePaola retorted with “I’ll remember this” continuing to bring out the best in people, someone from the audience was heard to call out that Trustee DePaola’s behavior was “classy”.  While Trustee Pastorino later tried to smooth the event over by stating that the matter was left off the agenda by mistake and that having it entered into the agenda wasn’t necessary but was a desired matter of public record as any citizen can bring forth an ethics complaint it’s hard to really reconcile that as in Trustee DePaola’s own words it was a “surprise”.
Even more puzzling when a resident questioned whether or not the seat left vacant by Trustee Fairman was going to be filled after an article ran in last week’s Des Plaines Valley News stating that the spot should be filled according to the Illinois State Board of Elections the attorney present for the village Michael Castellano kept referring the residents to “read the statute.” After being pressed by several residents to give an answer to whether or not the seat would be filled the reply given was cryptic at best and unsatisfactory at the least.  Apparently the statute is “black and white” but the village is taking an “interpretation” on it and they are seeking another “interpretation” while they are entertaining and keeping all their options open.  A resident asked if the seat would be filled within the 60 days as was stated previously but it seems that that question was never clearly answered.