The Justice Park District and the Village Board is seeking to relocate the Veteran’s memorial on Oak Grove and Frontage Road as soon as the end of this month.  While the Justice Park District is proposing to foot the bill, and make a nice memorial garden as well it just doesn’t seem to make sense to move the memorial to our Veteran’s from the most visible thoroughfare in town, to the Southwest corner in Commissioners Park.  When digging into the matter further it seems that the park district is looking to develop the land that the current memorial stands on into a sign/advertising space for the Justice Park District.
Why the Park District cannot add themselves onto the sign that lists businesses in town that is located in the space on the opposite corner of Frontage Road seems to be a mystery.  Earlier this year park district Trustee Dan McGee was proposing the purchase of a cannon and the renaming of Commissioners Park to Veteran’s Park and maybe this move is an attempt to move his idea into reality. Even more interesting is that with exception of Trustee Murray who abstained from voting, all the Trustees on the village board voted in favor of this, even more puzzling is why Trustee Mary McGee, wife of park district Trustee Dan McGee didn’t abstain from the vote due to a very apparent conflict. 
 The current memorial stone that had stood in that spot for more years than most people can remember was donated to the village by a local stone mason to commemorate the service of our local Veterans.  It seems to make sense to show our respect and to honor our veterans in one of the most prominent spots in town.  While improving the veteran’s memorial is a wonderful idea, there is no reason that some funding cannot be allocated to improve the memorial where it is currently standing. 
We are suggesting to all of the residents that have contacted us via the website asking about this matter to take this opportunity to contact the Mayor and the Trustees to protest the relocation of this memorial. We would suggest that you send correspondence to the attention of the Village Clerk, 7800 S Archer Ave, Justice, Il 60458.