By Bill Gantz

Staff Reporter 

  The Justice Village Board recently voted yes on a resolution to hire political talk show host and professional writer Ray Hanania of Urban Strategies Group, a media consultant agency.  The board cited a need to clarify issues to the public on Village of Justice government actions and events. The position pays $12,000 a year and is a new one for Justice.  It is believed the village law firm first made the recommendation though other sources are saying it was a way to divert back the negative measures going on in the town’s government.  Only one trustee voted against approving the job, referring to the village’s lack of money. On the board agenda, publishing notification of the resolution, no mention was made on the intent of the hire, posting the position only as for “professional services.” The political consultant had already begun work for the mayor and a few select trustees one week prior to the resolution being passed. At the time of the vote approving passage of the resolution, a contract for the service had not yet been completed. 

   Currently the new publicist has linked a political blog to the Village of Justice Web site. Recent entries from Mr. Hanania onto the blog site range from his interpretations of important events to the twisting of entire proceedings in favor of mayor Wasowicz and trustees Kinga Bartoszek and George Pastorino.  Mr. Hanania also serves the town of Cicero as a press agent among other duties.