How the Village of Justice spends our money.


Two months ago the village board hired an official media consultant. Yes, you read the first sentence correctly, an official media consultant. Numerous residents are concerned, if not out right puzzled, as to why the village would hire a media consultant, when the village now provides information to all residents through either the village web site, town hall meetings, news stories or the village newsletter that comes with sewer bills. The concern quickly turns to laughter as village citizens begin to realize, although we are facing very serious financial problems, we will now be paying a $12,000.00 salary to provide information we currently already receive!

Where else could the village have better used our $12,000.00 tax money? Lets us show you where!

The Justice Village Board accepted applications for $500.00 college scholarships to be granted to Justice college students. This program has been in place for many years and overseen by countless administrations. Surprisingly, the village received nineteen applications for the $500.00 scholarship grants. Remarkable, the village could have honored all nineteen scholarship applications to deserving Justice graduating seniors if they had channeled the $12,000.00 salary, paid to a media consultant, toward the scholarship program.  In the end only 8 local scholarships were awarded!

Through their actions the village board seems to indicate that $12,000.00 of village taxes are better spent on an official media consultant rather than supporting Justice graduating seniors looking for financial assistance to attend college. Once again the village board has shown their poor judgment in spending our taxes dollars wisely.