By Bill Gantz

Staff Reporter

  The Justice Village Board has lost another trustee.  With 9 months remaining in the term, Michael Murray resigned his seat with a letter accepted by mayor Kris Wasowicz at the Justice Village Board meeting, Monday night.  Murray is the third Justice trustee to vacate his post under the Wasowicz administration.  First was trustee Jeff Kranig who’s spot was filled by George Pastorino and second was trustee John Fairman who’s seat is still vacant.  Murray had been seeking to stay in the village after being faced with a home loss. The letter explained his decision to quit due to his moving out of the village.   

  Additional reports have been made that current trustee George Pastorino prodded the vacancy by calling for public hearings to determine Murray’s residency.  It was Pastorino who evoked the subject by bringing forth the resignation letter unexpectedly to Wasowicz, Monday evening.  A hesitant Wasowicz took the correspondence from Pastorino and read it without emotion.

   In the letter that Wasowicz publicly read into the record, Murray explained his situation as well as his intent to avoid any legal costs to the village resulting from Pastorino’s legal actions.  Further included in the letter was the familiar recognition of service to the community and looking back at the years served, finishing with an article of gratitude to past trustees Murray had served with.  Of interest was Murray’s omission to mention seated trustees Pastorino, Kinga Bartoszek, Phil DePaola and Mary McGee.  All four are  members of Mr. Murray’s political party.  The recent departure now leaves two open seats on the Justice Village Board.