By Victor Stiefel

Staff Reporter


  Sources within mayor Kris Wasowicz’s organization report that a political battle is being fought over the appointment of Village of Justice Chief of Staff, Jerry Carter.  According to some insiders, Carter is seeking to fill the vacancy left by former trustee John Fairman.  Mr. Fairman vacated his post when he moved out of the Village last March.

  Long considered the “seventh trustee,” many residents have complained that Carter is too close to the board and holds too much sway over policy and direction of town government for a person who has never been elected to public office.  Mr. Carter managed the campaign of the mayor’s Peoples Voice Party.  Currently appointed as Chief of Staff, Carter has the duty to propose, develop, implement and enforce the policies, rules, regulations and procedures of the Village President and Board of Trustees with respect to all municipal departments.  He now has the trust to sit in on executive session.

  However as politics often goes, sometimes that is not enough.  So for the time being, people in the administration are reporting that a type of tug-of-war is being waged over the Fairman seat.  The reasons why are not clear.  We do know the subject of filling an elected vacancy has been brought into executive session many times over the past several months.  However with no conclusion in sight,  this drama is still being played out. Further, the village attorney Michael Castellino has held to the position that this seat need not be filled.  Will Carter serve on this board?  Whatever the outcome it does appear that for now, politics and not the public good is what we are being served.