By Victor Stiefel

Staff Reporter

  Wednesday night’s Village of Justice Committee meeting came up a bit short, last week.  Short on elected officials, that is.  Approximately 15 minutes were spent waiting for trustees Kinga Bartoszek, Phil DePaola and Mary McGee to arrive.  Also spent was approximately $600. to pay for the attendance of:  Michael Castellino the village attorney and Robert Rychlicki a representative from Kane, McKenna and Associates Inc. a financial service firm.  Also in attendance were 10 village residents.  Add to the total of missing trustees, two board seats that have been vacated.

  There was much work to be done that night.  Where were the trustees?  If they had made it to the meeting they would have publicly discussed $700,000. the village will borrow to meet obligations.  They could have also talked about senior citizen sticker discounts, quarterly tax reviews, bills that are due, new business licenses or safety equipment for the public works department.  The 700k loan though is pretty big stuff.  Citizens present that evening would have loved to learn more about that one.  It is their tax money you know.  Those residents and all of the other officials left waiting could have participated in the business of the people.  The situation is further heightened because none of the three contacted the mayor‘s office or village clerk to give notice over their ability to not show up.  That slight left the people who were there sitting and waiting, while wasting their time.

  Was it a coincidence all three played hooky at the same time?  No one knows the answer to that question.  No trustee has given an explanation. All that can be said, to sum this story up, is to wonder if wherever they were, did they wear  boots?