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Civic Minded Trustee Fails to Ante Up

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

By Bill Gantz

Staff Reporter

  Last August, Justice village trustees pledged to stop collecting their monthly pay.  However records show trustee Phil DePaola, of the Peoples Voice Party, is still on the village payroll and still collecting a check.  Of the $1,800 paid out to him since supporting the non-binding proclamation forgoing pay, $80 has gone to boost his public pension fund.  The village has also paid out an additional $185 for its share of his retirement.  None of the money received by the trustee has been reimbursed to the village at this present time, according to reports obtained thru Freedom of Information Act requests.

  On August 18th Village of Justice trustees discussed relinquishing the pay of all elected officials up to the end of the year.  The move had been described as a way to help pay for new office equipment.  Participation in the program was called for being voluntary only.  The item was voted on during the August 23rd board meeting.

  Interviews leading up to the measure were given out to Chicago radio stations.  A television film crew was on hand to record the board action.   DePaola was quoted in the Desplaines Valley News, saying “I can’t stress enough that we must lead by example.”  “This job up here cannot be about pay…” After all of the village trustees made individual speeches praising the act, a spectacle followed when DePaola publicly polled all of the elected officials by calling upon them one by one to accept or reject the pay reduction.  After polling himself, DePaola announced yes.


Village Finances Continue to Deteriorate

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Village finances continue to show signs of accelerated deterioration.Recently, the village trustees voted to borrow another $700,000.00 against next year’s anticipated village revenues. The money will be used to ensure making payroll and avoid having critical village services from being discontinued by years end. Other concerns were raised as suppliers of various materials for the village, might cancel delivering needed supplies due to non-payment of past invoices.
Further signs of mass confusion by Trustee Mcgee and Trustee DePaola, became apparent when a resident asked them two questions at Monday nights board meeting (11/8/2010).
1) What was the village’s bond rating? (which might indicate the rate of interest to be paid on the borrowed money) and,
2) What was the exact interest rate the village will be paying on the additional $700,000.00 borrowed?
Neither Trustee McGee, who was once the finance chairperson, nor Trustee Depaola who claims to know and understand “everything”,
could answer either question even though both voted in favor of borrowing this enormous sum of money.
In simple terms it’s similar to the average homeowner not knowing their own credit score or how much interest they might pay to borrow money to finance any item, but still saying let’s just do it!
Scary how quickly the current trustees have eroded the present village finances.
Enough is enough. Remember the next village election is in April of 2011.
Be ready to vote. You will make a difference.


Thank You For Your Service.

Monday, November 8th, 2010