Good morning my fellow Justinian’s,

I was thinking.  Our local controversy over our Veterans Monument, the back stabbing on the village board, four trustees resigning since the last election.  The local trustee who shoves it down our throats.  The same trustee who said she was going to give half of her Justice Trustee salary to the Justice Seniors Club.

Roberts Park is getting new roads.  I understand, the trustees who worked hardest, went to Springfield and persuaded Mary Flowers to spend the money, they can’t be applauded.  The problem is the trustees have resigned and are no longer on the Village Board.  Is that the village’s version of less government?  Maybe more should quit.

After the village expenses were pared down by our village trustees, they rewarded themselves by giving themselves an expense account (200 bucks) and hiring a publicist. (12 thousand bucks)  He is trying to make the Village Board look good.  I have said to him, if he can make that bunch look good, then he can walk on water.

Then came the give the money back charade.  A trustee at a board meeting lied to a room full of concerned citizens, when he said he was giving his village pay back.  He lied, when he said he was doing it for the community.  Please be advised, don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.  All that money kinda makes you “wanna be” a JUSTICE POLITICIAN.

Enough said,

The Curmudgeon