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Coalition Party Trumps Challenges

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

By Bill Gantz

Staff Reporter


  Park District Commissioner Roy McGee along with Justice trustee candidates Mary McGee and John Koslowski, were beaten back January 8th in their effort to knock off the Consolidated ballot,  Coalition Party of Justice trustee hopefuls Rich Sparr and Ed Rusch Jr.  McGee attempted to have the two men taken out of the village trustee race in April by removing their names from the ballot.  The three dissenters had their case heard in front of a room full of Coalition supporters and to the Local Electoral Board.  Arguing the challenge for the McGee’s and Kozlowski was attorney Yaser Tabbara of the law firm Zarzour, Khalil & Tabbara.  

  The main focus of the objection centered on the lack of purchase of a $5.00 village dog tag.  Legal council Matt Flam defended the “canine” argument by asserting, a person cannot owe money for a debt unless they have been charged for it.  Electoral board attorney Thomas Bastion agreed.  After written and oral arguments were presented, the three-member panel entertained a motion to reject the McGee challenge.

  The motion passed on a 2-1 vote.  Village of Justice trustee Phil DePaola, who sat on the electoral board, voted no.  How much money will the challenge cost the taxpayers of Justice, still needs to be answered.  People attending the hearings voiced concern over the matter.


Town Hall Meeting Scheduled for North Side Residents

Friday, January 21st, 2011

January 28th, 2011 there will be a town hall meeting scheduled for the residents of the North Side of Justice (residents that reside North of Archer Road). The meeting will be held at the Village Hall, and is set to begin at 7 pm.   Although this is an area specific meeting any resident is welcome to attend.


The Curmudgeon on Pets

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Good morning my fellow Justinian’s, as we are enjoying our morning coffee I had to let you know about the political treachery coming out of the Justice Park District.

Yup J.P.D., Mr. Roy D. McGee, the boss of the park district board wants to take away our,PETS. Or maybe it’s the pet owners he dislikes. Anyway, if we don’t get dog tags he will take our pets, or their owners to court. Yes I said COURT, as in before the JUDGE.  My dog Tiger always took off and hid when he came around. Now I know why.  My Tiger has gone on; I wonder if I will have to pay a burial tax? Roy is the husband of Justice Village Board member Mary McGee, who just happens to be up for retention.  Roy and Mary McGee seem to LIKE wasting money. To that end, lets save our pets and in April we can go to the polls and get rid of the MONEY WASTERS.

Be careful if the Park District wants to have a PET PARADE.

My wife is careful; she won’t let our cat out of the house.  

                                                    Fellow pet lover,

                                                            The Curmudgeon


Pet Police

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

By Siaria Keller

Political Reporter

Oh politics!  The most fun you can have without going to jail, hmm.  As we approach the next election keep that thought in mind.  ‘Cause it looks like Justice trustee Mary McGee with husband Roy in tow and close friend, candidate John Kozlowski, believe in peeking into your privacy.  Members of the new Coalition Party of Justice, which include Village Voice candidates as well as past and present town officials, have been handed a challenge to their nominating papers vis-à-vis the three sleuths.  The self-styled “pet police” are peering into the dog tag licenses of Coalition candidate Richard Sparr.

Sparr has the impudence to run against Mary and John.  So last week John went on a goose or better yet, dog chase into the records of all candidates opposing his election.  McGee and Kozlowski are looking for dirt on Sparr.  The dirty laundry is really an attempt to drag the candidate into court and make him spend money to stay on his own ballot.  The attorney representing the Coalition is calling the “dog license” challenge political and baseless.   Let’s add some hypocrisy to the threesome.  Minutes before filing “her” nominating papers, trustee Mary McGee paid the late sewer and garbage bill on “her” Justice home.  McGee was 6 months behind.  Got that detective?