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If you can’t take the heat leave the meeting

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Last Monday night, at the village board meeting, Trustees Mary McGee, Phil DePaola, and John Koslowski felt the pressure of several unhappy residents. Numerous questions and comments criticizing them for mishandling various issues left all three with frustrated faces.

Being criticized, in an open setting, with over 80 people in attendance was more than the three trustees could endure. Question after question described their continued unprofessional and incompetent performance over the last several months. Unlike the common pats on the back they continue to give each other, the residents bombarded Trustees McGee, Depaola and Koslowski with precise and uncomplimentary remarks.

As the pressure mounted their frustration continued to unfold. At one point in the meeting Trustee Kolsowski was heard to say, “I don’t need this” and began to storm out of the room. In an attempt to save his companion and his party from complete embarrassment Trustee DePaola made a motion to end the meeting and was second by his fellow trustee McGee.

When the vote was taken Only Trustee Rusch voted no in hopes of having the meeting continue until “all” the residents had an opportunity to speak. Unfortunately the meeting was terminated and the three trustees left the hall quickly with disappointment on their faces and their tail tucked between their legs.