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Here’s your sign.. Do you really think our town is that dumb?

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Wednesday night, at the committee meeting, “Fill” D. once again made a spectacle of himself when he presented the board with what has become this years PVP marketing tool:  THE BIG CHECK.  Of course, the cameras were rolling and I’m sure you will see the pictures in the next piece of campaign literature.  Oh, the patriotism these dedicated officials have…

Problem…There’s actually a couple of them.  You see, “The Big Check´ was written on the backside of an orange Village Voice campaign sign from a couple of elections ago.  We are curious how Phil got his hands on that sign.  Maybe he had removed the sign to make repairs and was going to return the sign?  Maybe he likes reading Mike Murray’s name when it’s upside down?

But really, the biggest problems are the reasons the big check was paid back in the first place.  Could it be he was caught not giving it back?  Seems to me…he never made mention they were going to create an IOU when he voted to volunteer his trustees pay.  (Different story there!)  He lost his job at the Water Commission.  Was it pride; the public servant couldn’t make ends meet? He stated he would be “a role model” for Public Service.  Oh please.

Problem two…the Peoples Voice Party is running for election.  (That’s were it’s at).  We know they are not doing it for political reasons…they said so.   Will they be selling us a bridge now?  I know this was political and we all know an election gimmick when we see one.   You can read about it in their campaign literature.  Signing off now…