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Will your voice still be heard?

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011


For the second board meeting in a row, Trustees from the People’s Voice Party made an attempt to adjourn the meeting while a resident had a question on the floor, only this time, it proved unsuccessful as the resident came prepared with a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order.  That didn’t seem to halt Trustee Bartoszek who made a further attempt to end the “Voices from the Floor” portion of the meeting; she came armed with a portion of the Village Code and was attempting to use it against the resident, but only succeeded in getting across that there is a time limit per question.  As it seems to be the case lately, more residents are coming out and asking tough  questions which they seem to not want to answer, at least not when they’re recorded in the minutes or Trustee McGee’s husband is filming.

Further to that point another resident approached the board bringing forth a copy of an email sent to her from Trustee Koszlowski, offering for he and Trustee DePaola to stop over at her house to explain further the situation on the village signs. However, she was wondering why this couldn’t of been done at the last board meeting when she asked for an explanation in front of the entire board and audience? Looking like a deer caught in the headlights, Koslowski and DePaola bounced the situation back and forth between each other, stammering that they couldn’t answer the question within the proper time frame of a village board meeting.   Looks like the transparency that the People’s Voice Party promises really delivers!  After outcry from the packed house Trustee DePaola attempted to answer the questions after the meeting, and after his cigarette break, but the answers he gave just didn’t seem to satisfy anyone.

In the category of most tasteless stands Trustee Bartoszek, who is over administration and finance.  When pressed by a resident why an outside IT company was hired at a high cost per hour, when an in house IT person could have done the work cheaper, she stated that the money used to pay for that work was donated by the Trustees salaries, and they had the right to spend it in any way they saw fit.  Apparently being financially responsible doesn’t extend over into that arena either.  In a move of poor taste and lack of professional courtesy, she then went on to publically criticize the former employee’s performance as he sat there in the audience.   Nothing like an evening full of community building and transparency brought to you, courtesy of the People’s Voice Party.

We want to hear your opinions on what you think of recent events happening at board meetings and through the village.