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An Email from a Resident

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

From time to time we print emails that we recieve from residents allowing them to express their views via our website.

The following has been printed with permission.

I was at a board meeting last night for the 1st time since August.  I had been told about the shenanigans that had been going on and thought that I would go see for myself.  Shenanigans are not the word, I sat there in awe, I sat there thinking am I in a meeting with adults or am I in a meeting with Kindergartners?  You have in one corner a resident who is asking a question about using the Lipinski center by the Park District without paying for the use, you have in the other corner a Trustee stating she has used her allotted time and then the other Trustee saying he wants to adjourn the meeting because he doesn’t like the questions being asked, and he wants to know if there is an ordinance saying people can’t ask questions. 

Now the Attorney, who basically works for us, sits on his hands and doesn’t do a thing.  The Mayor tries to reign in the residents and the Trustees by saying he runs the meeting they don’t and asks the residents to please keep it civil and the Trustee who wants to adjourn the meeting argues with him that he can motion to adjourn if he wants to, and he keeps this up, until again the Mayor states he is running the meeting and he will hear what the residents have to ask.

Another resident asks about the missing signs and she states she received a e-mail from a Trustee telling her if she allows them to come to her house, they will answer her questions about where the signs are.  She states she is there, she would like her question answered and he states he can’t answer her questions but the other Trustee can, and the other Trustee says he is not answering the question, if she wants she can stay after and he will answer it then.  They he proceeds to sit back in his chair and say he will not answer, and the Attorney says he doesn’t have to.

By this time, I am laughing and thinking, why did I come.  There are so many important things that need to be discussed and taken care of by these people and they act like children.  These are elected officials and they act like children, and if they were my children they would be in a time out.  No respect for the people that elected you, chaos reigns at this board meeting, people talking over people, Trustees downgrading residents, what has become of this Village.

I don’t want Kindergartner’s running my Village, I want people who take responsibility for their actions, I want people who respond to the residents, I want people who don’t throw blame at people.  I want six Trustees to work together to get this Village where it belongs and right now that is not happening.  They are digging a pit, and very big pit, and they are throwing us in it and I don’t want to go.

Please get out there and vote people, and it you haven’t been to a board meeting, the last one with these current Trustees, I hope, is on the 29th of March, come on in and see who you voted for, and the latest edition of the Village of Justice’s imitation of the Charlie Sheen Fiasco.