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People’s Voice? Hardly.

Monday, March 28th, 2011

  What can we tell you that you probably haven’t already heard?  How could three political parties find the will to part with the past and focus on the future?

  We have seen the results that two years of political bickering have brought to the village of Justice.  A place we all love.  Elected trustees of a village are first and foremost servants and when they forget this, it’s time for them to move on.  Shouldn’t a village board be the bedrock of a community?  What about trustees working together with a mayor for the common good of the village?  We just don’t have that right now, but this election can end this problem and bring attention back to where it needs to be. This election is historic, in that we can bring an order of pride and sensibility back to the residents by casting our vote.  We must join together if we want to overcome the difficult times we live in. If the Coalition Party of three groups can understand this and come together then we believe the choice is obvious.

  Four Peoples Voice trustees have left the village board since last election, four!  Ask any mayor of any town if they have lost two trustees in a similar period, we have lost four.  This is embarrassing and further drops our credibility when compared to other villages. If the PVP can’t keep their house in order, how will they handle an entire community?

  Many years of hard work have given us fully reconstructed streets in the Roberts Park area of town with two and possibly three more to come.  All of this was paid for with a $2.6 million state grant. This is what you get when a mayor works with his board and a good front office.  What is the answer to this?  Your current PVP trustees want to replace the administrator responsible for processing all of the complex paperwork on the project, with their campaign manager Jerry Carter.  The current board is trying to dismantle a winning formula. Why? Mr. Carter does not have the experience we need to procure funds like this, but they tell us they can save money by paying him less.  We believe this behavior is reckless and improper.

  An historic monument was moved from where it sat for 40 years.  This may not be news to you. What should have been a community-building event was turned into the personal ambition of just two individuals, Dan McGee and Kinga Bartoszek.  There were no contests, no fund raising drives, no attempts made to consult with veterans groups, no pitching the idea to the town’s residents or consulting with the living seniors who worked to construct the original site, just the arrogance of conceit to push it through.

  We now learn the new monument to Vets was placed on the same spot a new-lighted football/soccer field was to have been built! Because the Justice board trustees wouldn’t listen to anybody, including Lyons Township trustees administering the funding and their attorney, we just lost $316,000.00 of grant money to construct a ball field. The “Save The Timbers” Bond Referendum, approved by voters in 2004, is funding the Lyons Township Parks Program, our neighboring towns all got a piece of.  This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  Even though we will not get our share of the pie, we are Lyons Township residents and will still be paying the taxes for it.  The good news is we can still go to any of the other Lyons Township villages and use their new facilities.  Is that teamwork?  No that’s your Peoples Voice Party.