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The Curmudgeon on Decisions

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Well my fellow Justinians, it is TIME TO DECIDE, on our village’s future.

Things have not been going as well as they could.

There is certainly too much infighting on the seated Justice Village Board.

The inserts that have been added to the door hangers, placed by the Peoples Voice Party, are inflammatory and certainly contain too many falsehoods to count. Ask yourself, why is it so common for politicians to blame the opponents for their own shortcomings? The PVP has been at the helm long enough for us voters to know just what they are about. A lot of splash, which usually means, short on substance. A large amount of our tax money has been wasted by the PVP.

Monuments, lawsuits, signs, TIF advisers, media consultants, and a lot of expensive misdirection.

The mission of the PVP seems to be, spotlight themselves and not promote our village.

It does look like our village and its residents are an afterthought.

McGee, Cormany, Heabel and Koslowski must not be allowed to continue their wasteful ways. It is their culture and they won’t change.

They can only be contained.

The CPOJ, I’m so proud to say has very intelligent and purposeful candidates, an impressive group. Vote to let them take the helm!


Respectfully, Your Neighbor

The Curmudgeon