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Resolution Opposing The Reduction of State Collected Revenue Fails

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

At the board meeting on April 25th 2011 three of the current seated village trustees voted to deny a resolution requesting the state to provide villages with the additional moneys from the increased collected sales tax.   Voting no was Trustees Bartoszek, DePaola and McGee, voting in favor was Trustees Rusch and Koslowski.  By voting yes for this resolution it would affirm that the Village of Justice opposes the further reduction in state collected revenues and asks the General Assembly and Governor to take no further action to financially impact municipalities. Local municipalities have already experienced less income tax rates from the State and this would impact their ability to provide basic services (police, fire, general services) to the residents.

Further when a resident stood from the audience to question Mayor Wasowicz as to why the trustees would vote no to a resolution that would cost the village to lose additional funds he stated that he did not know why. Trustee McGee was objecting to the fact that it was not discussed in committee and Trustee Bartoszek objected that there was not enough notice given.  However Clerk Svoboda stated that it was posted within the required 48 hour time frame and that copies were made available to the Trustees via email.  Trustee DePaola went onto say that he was advised by the village attorney that they could not vote on anything that was not discussed in committee. The village attorney corrected Trustee DePaola and stated that they could vote as long as it was on the agenda and that Trustee DePaola was mistaken on that point.  While there is no time limit on the signing of this resolution residents in attendance were puzzled as to the point of further delaying this resolution when it could have positive financial implications for residents.


Local Resident Seeks Support for Middle East Conflict Wall

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Local Justice resident Mr. Jessie is seeking donations to put two kiosks at the Middle East Conflict Wall in Marsailles Illinois.  These two kiosks would give the family of fallen service members the ability to look up their loved ones name on the wall and add a photo next to their entry and even leave messages. Please see the information below and consider giving your support to this worthy cause.

To Whom It May Concern:

On June 19th, 2004 a Granite Memorial Wall was dedicated commemorating the servicemen and women who have lost their lives in worldwide conflicts since 1979.  This beautiful and important monument on the banks of the Illinois River, built entirely by volunteers, the “Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run” organization and the town of Marseilles, is the embodiment of love and honor so deserved by those whose names are etched on its walls.  It is a place that people can go to and read the names of our brave fallen warriors, to touch this wall that was built with love, or to reflect.  Family members need this as do others wishing to honor those who have given their lives while serving our country. 

Annually, on the 3rd Saturday of June, the Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run and the town of Marseilles holds a ceremony to reveal the names of those fallen within the previous year.  These two groups together also update and maintain the Memorial.

Currently, the names of our fallen heroes are in a paper directory.  A visitor pulls a metal drawer out and searches for their loved one in this paper directory which gives the location (panel, row) of the name. 

I am currently trying to install two touch screen directories.  I have approval from the property owner, the town of Marseilles and the Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run.  These touch screen directories will still be used to find specific locations of names on the wall, but will offer greater benefits.  Visitors can register as guests so others can view who has visited.  Another benefit is electronic updates as well as pictorial and videography elements.  We feel this will better serve family, friends and visitors to the wall as they will be able to type the name versus a time consuming search through a book which may be torn and weathered.  They can view who visited as well as see a picture of the hero (family permitting).

I ask am asking for your support and help in funding the new directories.  Any donation small or large is greatly appreciated.  My hope is to unveil the new touch screen directories at the Freedom Run on June, 18, 2011.  Of course we will accept donations at any time, but in order to meet this goal, we are asking that donations be sent by April 15th

Please make checks payable to Middle East Conflict Wall Committee.  Donations can be mailed to Bill Jessie at 7801 Oak Grove Avenue, Justice, IL 60458.  If you require a tax number, please contact Mary Ozlansi at 815/795-2134.

I appreciate your time and consideration!

Bill Jessie



Kindest Thanks

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

John Quincy Adams once wrote:  

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

You came out on April 5th and your voice was heard.  Thank you for chosing to excercise your right to vote and for placing your confidence in the Coalition Party candidates for the next four years.  A new path lays ahead, and the path may be rough, but with the backing and help of residents like you success is possible.


The PVP Politics Is Our Business

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Topical Talker:


Over the last year at board meetings we have heard members of the PVP talk about how they are “giving back” by donating their salaries.  When you think about it Trustees Bartoszek, McGee, DePaola, and Koslowski can all afford to, because they’ve made it a practice to make money off of our village and political campaigning.


To start out with Trustee Bartoszek’s  fiancée is a partner in a local business that has the towing, repair, and auto-body contracts with the village of Justice, and other local villages like Lyons.  It is in her best interest to ensure that this business has a stranglehold on all three of these village contracts.    Not to be forgotten, they also have the impounding service for the village of Justice and make quite a pretty penny off of their impound fees which many residents have complained about as being exorbitant.  Why does she need to take her salary as a trustee?  She is currently helping her soon to be husband facilitate tens of thousands of dollars in money from our village?  Does this seem ethical or fair?


Mary McGee, has a husband, he is park district commissioner Roy Dan McGee.  Dan has made a career out of doing woodworking jobs at taxpayers’ expense. Mr. McGee was paid quite generously to redo the woodworking behind the dais in the board room.  He was set to collect another $8,000 in money from the village until concerned residents and coalition party candidates started asking questions. We all remember the hunt for the lost signs where none of the trustees new ‘nuttin’.  The McGee’s have also used Trustee Mary McGee’s political connections to keep themselves in the black.   Last election he made another $2,000 off of ‘newspaper deliver’ and ‘services rendered’ from several Illinois politicians.   source: Illinois State Board of Elections


Trustee DePaola has earned the unfortunate nickname in this community as the “triple dipper”. At one point he was collecting a village pension, a trustee salary, and then a separate salary over at the water commission. Although no one knows what really happened over at the JWS Water Commission, they agreed to ‘separate’ from Trustee DePaola sometime last year.  While the cameras were rolling he was happy to state he wasn’t taking his check but review of village records shows he had been taking his salary all along!  Of course in order to back peddle he scrambled, explaining he had to take it (the money) because of the loss of his water commission job.  He was happy to pay it back to the village, after recently getting another politically connected job in a different village. Let’s not forget his flashy presentation, complete with Commissioner McGee there to film the moment, and the ‘big check’ written on the back of a stolen campaign sign.  


Trustee Koslowski is too new to really learn the tools of the trade yet but prior to his appointment as trustee he was collecting a check over at the Park District for doing general grounds work and upkeep.   Right now he’s set himself up to manage over $130,000 that was given to a TIF development group without bidding and without entertaining the three other proposals brought forth to the village.  Wait, a minute, maybe he’s learning already….TT              





Justice resident’s opinion on the 2011 campaigning

Friday, April 1st, 2011

As election day draws closer we get more emails from residents expressing their opinions on what’s been going on this election season.  Here is a piece sent into us by a local resident and it has been published here with their permission.

Every election gets dirtier and dirtier. The sins and secrets of anyone running is published. Why? Why? Why? Isn’t an election about what each candidate can or hopes to do for the Village. Why do we have to have the skeletons come out of the closet? As long as the person running for office is capable to hold that position, why do I or anyone else care what he/she does in their private lives? Why do I care if someone serves coffee for a living, as long a they take my tax dollars and give me a return for them, they can chew on crayons for all anyone should care. Since I have been in the Village the politics have gotten nastier and nastier, it doesn’t matter what credentials you have for the office, what matters is what kind of dirt can the party find on you to exploit you, and make you wish you hadn’t gotten up in the morning. I can’t wait for this election to be over, I want the people that are capable and want to run this village to be elected. I do not want to go to my mailbox and find the Village National Inquirer. The one thing that the Coalition Party has done is not attacked any of the PVP candidates personally. They have attacked the way they have run the Village and that is what I need to see and read, not that someone scratched their nose 4 years ago and someone saw it. What the PVP has done with their campaign is what they do at all the Village Meetings, not respect the residents that elected them to that office and not respect that we are informed, smart and want what is best for the Village. Stop the mud slinging, stop the negativity, vote for the Coalition Party, vote for people that respect the feelings of the residents, vote for honesty and integrity, Vote Coalition