Topical Talker:


Over the last year at board meetings we have heard members of the PVP talk about how they are “giving back” by donating their salaries.  When you think about it Trustees Bartoszek, McGee, DePaola, and Koslowski can all afford to, because they’ve made it a practice to make money off of our village and political campaigning.


To start out with Trustee Bartoszek’s  fiancée is a partner in a local business that has the towing, repair, and auto-body contracts with the village of Justice, and other local villages like Lyons.  It is in her best interest to ensure that this business has a stranglehold on all three of these village contracts.    Not to be forgotten, they also have the impounding service for the village of Justice and make quite a pretty penny off of their impound fees which many residents have complained about as being exorbitant.  Why does she need to take her salary as a trustee?  She is currently helping her soon to be husband facilitate tens of thousands of dollars in money from our village?  Does this seem ethical or fair?


Mary McGee, has a husband, he is park district commissioner Roy Dan McGee.  Dan has made a career out of doing woodworking jobs at taxpayers’ expense. Mr. McGee was paid quite generously to redo the woodworking behind the dais in the board room.  He was set to collect another $8,000 in money from the village until concerned residents and coalition party candidates started asking questions. We all remember the hunt for the lost signs where none of the trustees new ‘nuttin’.  The McGee’s have also used Trustee Mary McGee’s political connections to keep themselves in the black.   Last election he made another $2,000 off of ‘newspaper deliver’ and ‘services rendered’ from several Illinois politicians.   source: Illinois State Board of Elections


Trustee DePaola has earned the unfortunate nickname in this community as the “triple dipper”. At one point he was collecting a village pension, a trustee salary, and then a separate salary over at the water commission. Although no one knows what really happened over at the JWS Water Commission, they agreed to ‘separate’ from Trustee DePaola sometime last year.  While the cameras were rolling he was happy to state he wasn’t taking his check but review of village records shows he had been taking his salary all along!  Of course in order to back peddle he scrambled, explaining he had to take it (the money) because of the loss of his water commission job.  He was happy to pay it back to the village, after recently getting another politically connected job in a different village. Let’s not forget his flashy presentation, complete with Commissioner McGee there to film the moment, and the ‘big check’ written on the back of a stolen campaign sign.  


Trustee Koslowski is too new to really learn the tools of the trade yet but prior to his appointment as trustee he was collecting a check over at the Park District for doing general grounds work and upkeep.   Right now he’s set himself up to manage over $130,000 that was given to a TIF development group without bidding and without entertaining the three other proposals brought forth to the village.  Wait, a minute, maybe he’s learning already….TT