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Resolution Opposing The Reduction of State Collected Revenue Fails

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

At the board meeting on April 25th 2011 three of the current seated village trustees voted to deny a resolution requesting the state to provide villages with the additional moneys from the increased collected sales tax.   Voting no was Trustees Bartoszek, DePaola and McGee, voting in favor was Trustees Rusch and Koslowski.  By voting yes for this resolution it would affirm that the Village of Justice opposes the further reduction in state collected revenues and asks the General Assembly and Governor to take no further action to financially impact municipalities. Local municipalities have already experienced less income tax rates from the State and this would impact their ability to provide basic services (police, fire, general services) to the residents.

Further when a resident stood from the audience to question Mayor Wasowicz as to why the trustees would vote no to a resolution that would cost the village to lose additional funds he stated that he did not know why. Trustee McGee was objecting to the fact that it was not discussed in committee and Trustee Bartoszek objected that there was not enough notice given.  However Clerk Svoboda stated that it was posted within the required 48 hour time frame and that copies were made available to the Trustees via email.  Trustee DePaola went onto say that he was advised by the village attorney that they could not vote on anything that was not discussed in committee. The village attorney corrected Trustee DePaola and stated that they could vote as long as it was on the agenda and that Trustee DePaola was mistaken on that point.  While there is no time limit on the signing of this resolution residents in attendance were puzzled as to the point of further delaying this resolution when it could have positive financial implications for residents.