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Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

We have many people telling us to post the recent Coalition of Justice raffle winners. They are: Tim Kolinek third place winner, Helen Wasowicz (Justice) second place and Miaya McCarthy (Oak Lawn) the first place winner. Congratulations to them all and thank you, every ticket purchaser. The proceeds will be used to pay down remaining Coalition debt from the April 2011 Justice Village trustee election. Many thanks to our new trustees Ed Rusch Jr., Sue Small, Rich Sparr and Rick Symonds for their election success.


Justice Will Turn 100 This Year

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

By Bill Gantz
Staff Reporter

This past Saturday the first meeting of the Justice Centennial Committee was held. Word of the meeting was placed on sewer and waste bills mailed to residents. The date was further announced at the May 9 village board regular meeting. A group of a dozen citizens and elected officials gathered to pitch ideas meant to recognize the 100-year anniversary of the founding of Justice. Missing from the gathering were many individuals who had planned to attend but had scheduling conflicts.
Newly elected trustees, Sue Small and Rich Sparr, will chair the effort. Ideas were solicited from those in attendance as the centennial group offered and discussed a myriad of ideas for consideration.
Among those thoughts, the idea of a trolley, touring areas of interest was the most fanciful. Chairperson Small wrote down all of the group’s ideas as it took steps toward developing the celebration. Discussions lead to the largest obstacles to overcome, finances as well as public awareness and participation.
Two fund raising committees and a plan committee were formed. Committee members will be talking to neighbors as the whole group moves to build excitement village wide. Talk was made how the committee would work to get the word out with the use of many marketing strategies. Also noted was the short time frame available to lead celebrations up to the official October 17 anniversary day.
The next meeting of the Justice Centennial Committee will be on Monday, June 6 at 7:00pm in the Justice Village hall, 7800 Archer Avenue. All Justice residents will be sought to participate in the festivities.


New Board Seated

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

The May 9th board meeting at the Justice Village Hall was packed. Residents turned out to see the new trustees sworn in, and the old trustees thanked for their service. Mayor Wasowicz presented plaques to former Trustees DePaola, McGee and Koslowski with thanks for their years of service. Shortly after former township supervisor, and now circuit court Judge Russell Hartigan swore in Trustees, Rusch, Sparr, Small and Symonds individually. Mayor Wasowicz brought forward a motion to approve a resolution opposing the reduction in state collected revenues, a motion that was brought forward to the previous board and did not pass; it passed at this meeting with only Trustee Bartoszek abstaining from voting. Also up for consideration and passing were motions to revert to the old committee format for trustees instead of the areas of oversight, and the change of the village seal back to the previous and beloved Lady Justice logo.


Former People’s Voice Party Candidate Resigns

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Long time ally of Kinga Bartoszek, and People’s Voice Party Trustee Phil DePaola has resigned his seat on the village board.  Mayor Wasowicz announced that he had a notarized copy of his resignation in his possession and gave the reason of the upcoming retirement of Mr. DePaola.  Trustee DePaola ran in 2009 along side Trustee Bartoszek and Former Trustee John Fairmain, who resigned last year.  Trustee DePaola a long term resident of the village retired from a position in the Justice Building Department and then went onto work for the JWS Water Commission until a year or so ago.  DePaola resigned from his $78,000.00 a year job last year as executive director at the JWS Water Commission.  To date no one has ever on record stated what caused the water commission to come to a separation agreement with Mr. DePaola.  DePaola has been seen as a rather controversial figure in village politics from his concocted  jumbo check written on the back of another party’s campaign sign, to the ever changing story about the location of the original village signs his departure leaves the question of what is next for the remaining members of the People’s Voice Party.