By Terri Commonwealth

The crowd has thinned a few holdouts remain. Lady Justice is dressed for love? The drama that was the show for too many years appears to have drawn to a close. I say appear because in this town any slight can set off a firestorm of “community involvement”. The latest offense is hard to judge, as the priority of the day seems to amend itself. Is it the truck stop? Is it the lawsuit? Is it the hookah lounge? No, no and no. Well maybe some of the first one.
It appears to be all about the light bulb now. The commentators have set their priorities high. Their rage is focused on a vacuum-sealed glass vessel. You see, Justices’ public works crew unfortunately changed bulbs on a sign at a local business. The crusaders of the moral right are fulminating over a filament. According to the Justice mayor, “…the crew was at the sight doing work and was asked by the business owner to help them out.” I suppose the business could have hired a service to perform the work like anyone else. But it’s not like they were asking for much. How long did it take? I don’t know, the lift was there and well, they pitched in. He further stated the business paid back the hourly cost of having public works perform the job. Is that fair? Is that unfair? I’ll leave that for others to decide.
The part of this that confounds people is the fact that public works was also “hired” to build a decorative fence for the crusaders own Campaign Manager, who just happened to be the interim Justice Public Works Director. A fact that has been brought up so many times people have forgotten about it. Well not everyone, but certainly the crusaders have. Judgments anyone? I’m not going there, I’ll go somewhere else.
It turns out that the crusaders aren’t content with just bringing the “problem” and photos to the attention of the Village board. No they went all the way to Loony Tunes itself to get help to petition the Government for a redress of grievances using that most noble of all medium. That’s right, the hand flyer, that very effective and sometimes conspicuous piece of paper that can find a place somewhere between informative and the circular file. So, what was on the flyer? We are all so well informed when we get to see a likeness of the iconic Lady Justice dressed like a whore and it really explains things when you add in a picture of a public works crew changing the lights on a sign. Like I said, real out there stuff. There is also a diatribe on the rightful use of public resources, which I do agree with. But I find it hard to be taken in by the same political party pushing this stuff, which also allowed for a publicly built decorative cedar fence to be installed for the guy that helped their people get elected to office.