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Octoberfest Information

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

We all love a parade with the marching bands and old fire trucks, prancing horses and the screaming sirens. If you go to the parade (October 16) follow the crowd and continue the 100-year celebration over at the grounds of the Justice Lipinski Center, 7256 Skyline Drive, where the party will be set up like a family picnic. Come on and enjoy the afternoon.

Hot bratwurst on a bun or pork roast will be sold with hot German potato salad, sauerkraut and other delights for only $5.00 a person. Additional food offerings will be available for children. The popular band, The Next Step, will set the scene with lively German, polka and band music. There is no charge to enter. Beer will be available.


Do you love a parade?

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Mark your calendar for Sunday, October 16. That’s the day to let loose and enjoy Justice’s 100-year celebratory parade and fest. Floats, bands, marchers and local groups will head off at 11:00 am from George T. Wilkins School, 8001 S. 82nd ave. The parade route will go north on 82nd ave, then west on 79th street onto 88th ave, around Bethania Cemetery, north on Archer road then up Cork ave, were it will head down 75th st to Frank A. Brodnicki School, 8641 75th st. Traffic will be stopped as the parade moves through town. If you place yourself in the right spot you might catch one of the many tokens tossed along the route.
After the parade ends, take your children and family out to the Justice Lipinski Center grounds, 7256 Skyline Drive, for a community Octoberfest. This will be a great time to be with friends and neighbors, so come and enjoy this once in a lifetime anniversary. Follow “Do You Love A Parade” on this page for more information.