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Get out and help spread cheer this year

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

We all hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving and counted many blessings with friends and family. As the weather chills we think of the coming Christmas with snowflakes and Santa and more friends and more family. In spite of the challenges going on in the world and frustrations, most of us are still out there plugging along. Some of our families could be doing better while some are still holding strong. No matter who you are or where you are at, everyone knows someone going through some rough times at home. These shared experiences get people connected. That’s what makes volunteering so special.

Every year at this time with the help of volunteers, the village picks up donations and puts together gift baskets of food and toys for folks who are having some really tough times. It’s the holiday season after all. The Christmas holiday recipients will be identified from contacts of local School District 109, Lyons Township, resident requests and other civic organizations.

Unfortunately, public servants from last season have expressed no interest in participating. It is unfortunate, but the need is still there and in the economic times we are in, in fact even greater. This circumstance has created a lack of toy and food donations as well as a shortage of hands. Would you be willing to step in and take the time to help? We are asking friends and neighbors to please step up to the plate and donate new unwrapped toys. It’s so easy to do and so rewarding too!

We need the toy and food gifts brought in to the Justice village municipal building no later than Wednesday, December 14 at 4:00pm. Please contact the village at 458-2520 for more details.

< Students from our local school district 109 will be volunteering their time to wrap on Thursday.

Communnittee help will be needed on Saturday 17 at 8:00am for distribution. The Emergency Management Agency (EMA) will assist in privately distributing the baskets. The families themselves will pick up the rest.