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Introducing Henry “Hank” Ozakiewski for Trustee

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Hank Oszakiewski has the understanding it takes to make our village prosper  economically.  He has proficient experience in the public sector,  the private non-profit sector and in the private business sector.  He has a devoted work ethic, seeks to find common ground solutions  and demonstrates respect when working with people. 

…a friends’ comments about Hank Oszakiewski



Henry and his wife Holly have been residents of Justice since 1979.  They have a son, Brian, who works in Washington, DC.

An Operations Manager at JPMorgan Chase, Henry or “Hank” as his friends call him,  leads a professional team, which provides support and leadership, direction and guidance to operations teams, in his division and across our nation. Hank is an accomplished operations and training manager with over 40 years of experiences working in Fortune 100 financial companies, such as HSBC Holdings Inc and JPMorgan Chase and Company, his current employer.

He has a BA Degree in Education from Northeastern Illinois University, and has been on many public service and non-profit boards throughout his career such as:  the Village of Justice Zoning and Planning Commission (20 years this year), St Patricia School Board (2 years, including one as president), St Patricia Parish Pastoral Council (5 years), Institute of Financial Education – Chicago Chapter 64 (for 9 years, including one year as president).

While Hank is a newcomer to the Village board, he is certainly no newcomer to public service in Justice.  In 1993, Hank was asked to be a member of the Village of Justice Zoning and Planning Board Commission.  The role of the Justice Zoning and Planning Commission has two functions for the village.  First, is to adjudicate zoning petitions and to record neighborhood feedback and concerns of each petition request brought to them before rendering a recommendation to the Village Board of Trustees.  Second is to suggest future zoning planning based on economic needs of the village. Through his 20-year Zoning and Planning Board term, Hank attended economic development training classes through Elgin Community College, through Moraine Valley Community College  and through various economic development agencies of Cook County.  In 2012, Hank and fellow Zoning Board members visited and evaluated all neighborhoods in our town, to identify areas for economic development, improvement and created a Touring Log to prioritize them.  In the past two years, Hank also has been a member of the Village of Justice Economic Development Committee where he has proven himself to be a leader.  Working with the Lakota group, Hank has helped to engineer the 2030 Justice Vision Plan.

In 2011, as Justice celebrated 100 years, Hank was a contributing volunteer of the Justice Centennial Committee.  He worked on centennial fund raising events and documented the centennial parade in a video picture collage of the event.

For 26 years, Mr. Oszakiewski has been an active member/volunteer of St. Patricia Church.  He  is a 3rd Degree member of the Knights of Columbus and a big believer in volunteering for your community. Hank is a member of the Village Voice and Coalition Party.

“Partisan politics benefits a select few.”   Rather, Hank believes that elected officials need to have a holistic focus of the Village of Justice in each and every decision that is made.  “Elected officials need to be inclusive of all ideas, listen, ask questions to build understanding and decide based on what decision will benefit the future of the Village of Justice, our residents and our businesses.  Decisions should not benefit any one organization, or one person or even one group,” says Henry.