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Part Two of What Has the VIP Promised You?

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

What Has the VIP Promised You?

heard on the campaign trail:



They are known as the Peoples Voice Party.


Because they didn’t file for election on time they were forced to change the name to the Village Improvement Party.


Same party, same promises to:


13)     Sell off  cell tower contracts.

14)     Have five trustees quit the board.

15)     Quietly hire a political media consultant for $12,000 to write publicity for the Peoples Voice board.

16)     Give out a $200. a month expense account.

17)     Increase the cost of operating the collectors office.

18)     Force a move on a historic memorial in the face of public outcry without any community input.


Change you can believe in:


19)     Pledge/comit  $33,000 of  tax money set aside for economic development, to pay for the above mentioned  memorial.

20)     To spend $15,000 to a politically connected Berwyn lawn service to do simple ground maintenance at the Lipinski Center.

21)     To replace the village grant writer with our Peoples Voice Party campaign manager.

22)     Only involve friends or party members in important village appointments.

23)     To let political party bickering further hurt the reputation of the village.

24)     Use Justice Public Works employees to build a decorative fence for then village Chief of Staff, Jerry Carter.

25)     Not to participate in the $130,000. Village of Justice comprehensive study.

26)     Be summoned before the Illinois State Board of Elections for failure to report over $45,000. in campaign contributions.


     The party formerly known as Peoples was voted out of office two years ago, the new board got down to business to put Justice on the right track :

13)  Justice  almost lost a guaranteed revenue stream if the short sighted,  quick sale of this valuable asset was made.  The Peoples Voice board was only a month away from making a deal that would of  lost a steady stream of income currently collecting $55,000. a year, had they not been voted out of office.

14)  Speaking of trustees dropping from the board, the PVP broke a record here. Five trustees from that party left their post, all within a two year period.  The Coalition board has brought stability back.  Stable government is good for business.

15)  As reported in the past, Cicero based Ray Hanania was stealthily hired for “professional services” so as to write propaganda for select Justice village officials.  When the Village Voice lead Coalition board was certain to win election, he sent a letter of resignation, thus saving the village $12,000 a year.

16)  Ordinance #2010-14 was created and passed by the party formerly known as Peoples.  The ordinance created a new $200 a month expense account for Justice trustees.

17)  Voters chose (April 2009), clerk Kathy Svoboda to run the clerk and finance offices.  After  telling everyone to vote for her she was abruptly replaced with a friend of theirs and with higher pay!  That office has now been properly restructured without patronage at a cost savings to the village of $10,000 a year.


Promises made promises kept:


18)  Without notice many residents were heart broken to learn overnight a venerable war monument would be moved to another location without considering the thoughts and hearts of the community.

19)  Before it was moved to a new location, $33,000 of TIF business development money was secretly pledged behind closed doors toward the installation of a war memorial as a “planned reimbursable economic development expense.” Later after all of the construction was done  the current board, unhappily, chose to honor the debt even though the Justice Park District had already paid for it!  What a mess!

20)  Friends from Berwyn have been getting a lot of  jobs and contracts from Justice tax payers and the Peoples Party controlled Justice Park District board and this 15K payout was no exception.  The new Coalition board could not find any record of the work being completed.

21)  As strange as it may seem, this idea really was on the way to happening.

22)  If you were not one of the family or a friend or supporter you were not asked to serve your village.

23)  This was a total embarassment to the village and to all Justice residents.

24)  It’s all about who you know. Should the village be working on pet projects for politically conected residents?  Or should we be working on fixing streets?

25)  With all the claim of bringing economic growth, you would think Kozlowski the man running for mayor, the person who spent $130,000 of TIF money, to come to at least one of the many public meetings of the group he wants people to believe in.


What was that you say?


26)   After filing campaign contributions of only $3,300 for the entire (April 2011) municipal election, a complaint was filed with the SBE over campaign financing violations. After being summoned to a hearing and facing a judge it was amazing how many ammendments John Kozlowski was forced to make to his state filing! Do a {Peoples Voice Party} committee search at the Illinois State Board of Elections web site.  Copies of the complaint are available from the Village Voice upon request.  After Mr. Kozlowski ammended the Peoples Voice filings the charges were dismissed.  Because of the early settlment many questions remain unanswered.  Unfortunatly we will never know who truthfully was or what organization(s) were behind the bank rolling of the Peoples Voice Party’s April 2011, election campaign.


And that my friends are promises you can keep!



* all replys to the Village Voice blog are kept strictly confidential.




A note from the Curmudgeon

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Hello my fellow Justinians. Spring must be coming. Plastic signs inviting us to vote for their candidate are popping up all over. I must admit I lean toward the candidates whose names are on the GREEN signs. I do love picking on candidates and their ilk, but the CPOJ pols are working hard to make things better for us. The GREEN folks seem to be good at stretching a buck and since some of the bucks are mine I appreciate their work ethic. Just think, a little village like ours without large shopping centers or a large employer in the land of the free spending politician has a surplus in the bank.

Good grief, politicians who know what they are doing, who will I be able to pick on???

I know the world has been waiting for my selection……… So I’m picking the

Coalition Party of Justice……… Why break up a good thing?

Maybe I will go after the other guys.


The Curmudgeon,


P.S. I want to thank Mrs. Curmudgeon for checking my grammer.


What Has the VIP Promised You?

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Heard on the Campaign trail:


We promised we wouldn’t throw any dirt this campaign and we mean to keep that promise.


Before last election, the party formerly known as Peoples promised to achieve the following while they were in office:



1)    To make the Justice village web site a mess, then leave it stuck in time.

2)    Break a PVP campaign pledge and cancel the popular Justice Ethnic Fest.

3)    To continue borrowing money and add to the village debt.

4)    Refuse to listen to resident input on sensitive communnitty issues.

5)    Spend village funds without verifying the work is completed.

6)    To not be seen until election time.


You wanted change from the way things were (done):


7)    Hire a Madigan connected workers comp. insurance company that cost plenty.

8)    Hire a politically connected law firm to represent the village, that cost plenty.

9)    Slash essential village services.

10) To remove valuable village property without board approval.

11) Will hire a consultant for $130,000. without competitive bidding, as

required by law.

12) Allow friends  the use of a village building without having to pay for it.


Two years ago the voters had enough and put them out of office and now things have changed: 

1)      A new site is up and runing and control of the village web site is now under the management of the village front office, were it should of been in the first place, as part of village staff ‘s regular work. This is a cost savings.

2)      With mismanagement the festival costs were spiralling out of control. The Justice Park District has picked up the event.

3)      Nothing new here in this item, it took a long time to get to the Long-Term Debt level we are now at. But in 2012, for the first time in a long time, the village Operating Budget was in the black.

4)      Who could forget the packed meetings and the way residents were treated?  Too many to list here.

5)      Incomplete remodeling of the village board room by a village trustee’s husband.  Would you pay if the job wasn’t totally finished?  They did!

6)      While the business of the people is being conducted we have not seen head nor hair of any of the candidates running under  the VIP banner until about two months ago.  Two of their trustee candidates, George Heslop and Tom Bosworth have been to two regular village board meetings and candidate Karen Buralli has been to, zero.

7)      The company failed to deliver on their contracted obligations in regard to safety training costs.  With the new firm the training is being done.

8)      Expensive law firm that didn’t meet financial expectations when defending the village in suits brought against the village.

9)      Cutting expenses is essential at any time, however the PVP cut back to a point were costly inspections were holding up business and resident plans.  Money was found and the service has since been restored.

10)  Astonishingly, expensive village entrance signs were not maintained and without notice, removed.  A new private-partner plan is in place that gives local business a cheap advertising opportunity to sponsor the new signs.

11)  Totally illegal move by appointed trustee, now mayor hopefull John Kozlowski.  Nothing public on the spending of this money with dubious results.

12)  Remember the campaigning at the Lipinski Center?  Messengers John K. and Phil DePaola of the PVP were forced to pay up when public pressure was put to bear.



I’m sure some of you can think of more if you try.  We are hearing this go-around, that the party formerly known as Peoples is out on the street promising all kinds of stuff.  Do write in and tell us what you’ve been promised?  We will post only the best responses. 


* all replys to the Village Voice blog are kept strictly confidential.



What Party for Village Improvement

Sunday, March 10th, 2013


By Carol Sayer

Staff  Assistant


Looking out for Justice elections, will it be deja-vu all over again?  There will be promises,  but does anyone remember the past or do we not see the forest for the trees?

I see some real gains here since the last election and it can be explained quite easily.  When people work together everything moves along better.  This has shown to be the best plan of all.  I think it will be easy to judge promises like: “we have a plan” and “we will work hard to get every grant.”  Every new politician makes those kinds of promises.  This is really getting old. It solves nothing.

With the Coalition of trustees, for the first time in more than 20 years  Justice’s operating budget finished in the black.  That means instead of  borrowing money and paying interest on that money, we put money in the bank.  The OB for 2013 is looking good too.  The new village board has cut every major expense in order to make that possible. There are a lot of people to thank for that.  And unlike the old days, even  unemployment claims for fired political friends are challenged and stopped.  This is definatly not business as usual.

The 79th street sidewalk project has finally been completed along with the Roberts road sidewalk project.

Streets around town have been rebuilt at a pace not seen in 40 years.  Roberts Park area on the South East has all new streets and better drainage.  Grants have been applied for bigger storm sewers there on Roberts road as well.  Frontage road rebuild on the North end of town has finished core sampling, and engineering studies are complete, the financing is in the bank for that reconstruction in 2014.  Instead of trying to get grants, the village gets them.

Office policy has finally been restructured.  The Madigan connected village attorney  replaced,  the  Madigan  connected Workers Comp. Insurance company?  Gone.   Let’s not forget the $12,000 a year media publicist from Cicero, Ray Hanania, who left in a hurry.  All of this was added to the bloated Justice payroll by the now new Village Improvement Party. Remember the Village Photographer?  No longer in the picture!  Town officials were forced to give up there personal public vehicles, paid for at tax payer expense for their own personal use.

I am  not saying that this can be atributed solely to the Village Voice, but I am proud to say that none of these things could of  been put into motion without organizing that was started by the Voice.

With the election of Henry Oszakiewski another Village Voice Committe member, united with the Coalition Party, we will have another person committed to economic development activity for our future.  Finally something will be done.

Ed Rusch Jr. is also one of our leaders, a teacher and a strong asset as trustee.  This is the kind of experience we need most.

This is not business as usual. Thank you for listening.