By Carol Sayer

Staff  Assistant


Looking out for Justice elections, will it be deja-vu all over again?  There will be promises,  but does anyone remember the past or do we not see the forest for the trees?

I see some real gains here since the last election and it can be explained quite easily.  When people work together everything moves along better.  This has shown to be the best plan of all.  I think it will be easy to judge promises like: “we have a plan” and “we will work hard to get every grant.”  Every new politician makes those kinds of promises.  This is really getting old. It solves nothing.

With the Coalition of trustees, for the first time in more than 20 years  Justice’s operating budget finished in the black.  That means instead of  borrowing money and paying interest on that money, we put money in the bank.  The OB for 2013 is looking good too.  The new village board has cut every major expense in order to make that possible. There are a lot of people to thank for that.  And unlike the old days, even  unemployment claims for fired political friends are challenged and stopped.  This is definatly not business as usual.

The 79th street sidewalk project has finally been completed along with the Roberts road sidewalk project.

Streets around town have been rebuilt at a pace not seen in 40 years.  Roberts Park area on the South East has all new streets and better drainage.  Grants have been applied for bigger storm sewers there on Roberts road as well.  Frontage road rebuild on the North end of town has finished core sampling, and engineering studies are complete, the financing is in the bank for that reconstruction in 2014.  Instead of trying to get grants, the village gets them.

Office policy has finally been restructured.  The Madigan connected village attorney  replaced,  the  Madigan  connected Workers Comp. Insurance company?  Gone.   Let’s not forget the $12,000 a year media publicist from Cicero, Ray Hanania, who left in a hurry.  All of this was added to the bloated Justice payroll by the now new Village Improvement Party. Remember the Village Photographer?  No longer in the picture!  Town officials were forced to give up there personal public vehicles, paid for at tax payer expense for their own personal use.

I am  not saying that this can be atributed solely to the Village Voice, but I am proud to say that none of these things could of  been put into motion without organizing that was started by the Voice.

With the election of Henry Oszakiewski another Village Voice Committe member, united with the Coalition Party, we will have another person committed to economic development activity for our future.  Finally something will be done.

Ed Rusch Jr. is also one of our leaders, a teacher and a strong asset as trustee.  This is the kind of experience we need most.

This is not business as usual. Thank you for listening.