Heard on the Campaign trail:


We promised we wouldn’t throw any dirt this campaign and we mean to keep that promise.


Before last election, the party formerly known as Peoples promised to achieve the following while they were in office:



1)    To make the Justice village web site a mess, then leave it stuck in time.

2)    Break a PVP campaign pledge and cancel the popular Justice Ethnic Fest.

3)    To continue borrowing money and add to the village debt.

4)    Refuse to listen to resident input on sensitive communnitty issues.

5)    Spend village funds without verifying the work is completed.

6)    To not be seen until election time.


You wanted change from the way things were (done):


7)    Hire a Madigan connected workers comp. insurance company that cost plenty.

8)    Hire a politically connected law firm to represent the village, that cost plenty.

9)    Slash essential village services.

10) To remove valuable village property without board approval.

11) Will hire a consultant for $130,000. without competitive bidding, as

required by law.

12) Allow friends  the use of a village building without having to pay for it.


Two years ago the voters had enough and put them out of office and now things have changed: 

1)      A new site is up and runing and control of the village web site is now under the management of the village front office, were it should of been in the first place, as part of village staff ‘s regular work. This is a cost savings.

2)      With mismanagement the festival costs were spiralling out of control. The Justice Park District has picked up the event.

3)      Nothing new here in this item, it took a long time to get to the Long-Term Debt level we are now at. But in 2012, for the first time in a long time, the village Operating Budget was in the black.

4)      Who could forget the packed meetings and the way residents were treated?  Too many to list here.

5)      Incomplete remodeling of the village board room by a village trustee’s husband.  Would you pay if the job wasn’t totally finished?  They did!

6)      While the business of the people is being conducted we have not seen head nor hair of any of the candidates running under  the VIP banner until about two months ago.  Two of their trustee candidates, George Heslop and Tom Bosworth have been to two regular village board meetings and candidate Karen Buralli has been to, zero.

7)      The company failed to deliver on their contracted obligations in regard to safety training costs.  With the new firm the training is being done.

8)      Expensive law firm that didn’t meet financial expectations when defending the village in suits brought against the village.

9)      Cutting expenses is essential at any time, however the PVP cut back to a point were costly inspections were holding up business and resident plans.  Money was found and the service has since been restored.

10)  Astonishingly, expensive village entrance signs were not maintained and without notice, removed.  A new private-partner plan is in place that gives local business a cheap advertising opportunity to sponsor the new signs.

11)  Totally illegal move by appointed trustee, now mayor hopefull John Kozlowski.  Nothing public on the spending of this money with dubious results.

12)  Remember the campaigning at the Lipinski Center?  Messengers John K. and Phil DePaola of the PVP were forced to pay up when public pressure was put to bear.



I’m sure some of you can think of more if you try.  We are hearing this go-around, that the party formerly known as Peoples is out on the street promising all kinds of stuff.  Do write in and tell us what you’ve been promised?  We will post only the best responses. 


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