Hello my fellow Justinians. Spring must be coming. Plastic signs inviting us to vote for their candidate are popping up all over. I must admit I lean toward the candidates whose names are on the GREEN signs. I do love picking on candidates and their ilk, but the CPOJ pols are working hard to make things better for us. The GREEN folks seem to be good at stretching a buck and since some of the bucks are mine I appreciate their work ethic. Just think, a little village like ours without large shopping centers or a large employer in the land of the free spending politician has a surplus in the bank.

Good grief, politicians who know what they are doing, who will I be able to pick on???

I know the world has been waiting for my selection……… So I’m picking the

Coalition Party of Justice……… Why break up a good thing?

Maybe I will go after the other guys.


The Curmudgeon,


P.S. I want to thank Mrs. Curmudgeon for checking my grammer.