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Election Day Editorial

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Election Day, for the Justice resident, means several newsletters, robo calls, knocks on your door, and a community of political yards signs. However, even with this media blitz by political parties, we often forget what is truly at stake.


Simply stated, “Who will lead our community forward.” This question deserves tremendous consideration. Should we stay on the path that has been set or take the path of uncertainty?


A path of uncertainly tends to have numerous pit falls. Among those pitfalls are indecision, trial and error, lack of direction, and often confusion. On the other hand if we elect to stay on the path that continues to allow us an assured comfort in reaching our destination we get a consoling feeling.


On Tuesday the 9th you, as a voter, can select that path. With the accomplishments of the Coalition Party of Justice over that last two years I believe the path to be chosen is the one that the Coalition Party has proven to be quite successful.


Providing residents with significant saving on their electric bills, finishing 2012 with a surplus in the village budget, repairing and replacing streets as grants and village funds are available, listening not lecturing to residents, being reachable elected officials, and honest individuals, are only a few of their stops on the path to community success.


The proven path that the Coalition Party of Justice has followed in the last two years has demonstrated their talent to be an effective group and take our community to the next level.


On Tuesday April 9th I encourage you to vote for the Coalition Party candidates, allowing our community to maintain a path of Progress, Service, and Balance.