The elections are over, now time to sit back and look at some of the articles printed during that time.  I am a subscriber of the DesPlaines Valley News, at least I am until my subscription comes due, and then I will not be a subscriber, and I am reading an article by Joe B Egas regarding the streets of Justice.


Mr. Joe B Egas, a resident in the Village of Justice for maybe 10 years (I have lived here for 30) , Joe B Egas who just last year got a new street in front of his home, Joe B Egas, who states he was a former supporter of the VVP/Coalition Parties, Joe B Egas, who sits back in his chair and waits for a election to speak up about streets in the Village.


The streets in this village are a problem all the time, not just at election time.  He states Trustee Small proposed a special service area, that it drew criticism from residents, how would he know, he has not attended one village board meeting or village committee meeting when that was discussed.  Actually, once Trustee Small realized, through research, how much it was going to costs the residents, she stated herself that it was not a good idea, BUT, at least she tried to do something, that is more than some of the politicians in this village.  Maybe Mr Egas thought if Mr. Kozlowski was elected new streets would appear magically, because Mr. Kozlowski promised they would, he also promised he would move the park and who know what else he promised, but now he doesn’t have to worry about not fulfilling those promises, because he was defeated in the election.


Justice has a problem with the streets, that is not a secret, but so do almost every other town in Illinois.  Go to Western Springs, LaGrange, Westchester, those towns are much more affluent than Justice, they pay twice as much in real estate taxes and their streets are just as bad, if not in some cases worse than ours.


Mr. Egas if you want something done, then contact your representatives and senators and ask them why they are not doing anything for the Village of Justice, that they want our support during election time, but do nothing for us otherwise.  Come to Village Meetings, voice your opinion to the faces of the people you condemn, and maybe work with them to come to a solution to the problem.  Don’t put it in the paper and expect people to rise up and do something because Joe B Egas wants them to.


I am glad you decided to support the Village Improvement Party, because look, they were not elected, they can’t keep their promises, and you won’t be disappointed, so you can’t condemn them for not doing anything.


I am proud to be a member of the Village Voice Committee, I am proud of what the members of the Village Voice who were elected to office 2 years ago have done, and I know I will be proud of what they are going to do.  The streets will be fixed, we just have to wait for the State of Illinois to get off their hands and actually do something.  If they don’t get fixed, when it comes to electing Mr. Lipinski, Mr Landek & anyone else that is downstate, I will be voting for the other party.

And as far as the DesPlaines Valley News, they will no longer have me as a subscriber, considering Mr. Landek and his partners now own them and the paper has become a political propaganda news letter.  Right now if you look at the area it serves it doesn’t even say Justice anymore, so if they don’t want to serve Justice, I don’t want their paper.



Cookie Gaskin

Proud member of the Village Voice Committee