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What Happens to All Those Campaign Signs?

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

By: John Small

  Reduce, reuse, and recycle?  Not much thought goes to things we discard.  Unfortunately, that’s  a way of modern day life.  However, we at the Village Voice do think of such things and have found a unique and innovative solution to disposing our old campaign signs.  

  On a one acre plot of ground in Yorkville, Illinois there is a family operation growing delicious heirloom tomatoes.  Let us introduce you to Mr. Don Yunker, the grower/supplier of high quality tomatoes with names of Green Giant, Ten Green, Limmony and Yellow Brandywine to name a few of the 1500 plants that support his operation.  The company sells to high end restaurants and other types of upper tier businesses.  One well known customer of the operation was Charlie Trotters.

  Out of that plot of fertile land comes thousands of heavy delicate fruit that he needs to get to his discerning customers in pristine condition… and don’t you know the plastic corrugated campaign signs you see all over the place on election day…are helping him do just that.  The Village Voice brought to his home in nearby LaGrange Highlands over 200 used green Coalition campaign signs.  Don will use them to reinforce his cardboard boxes, giving them extra strength and extended life.  He won’t have to buy as many boxes.  He also cuts them up and uses them as dividers in the seed beds he holds in his many hot houses.  Because the tomatoes he grows are so juicy, large and heavy he saves boxes further by using the cut up signs as a sturdy separator between a top and bottom layer.

  We collect as many of our yard signs as we can and of course we save and reuse the steel wires.  Signs we use are the corrugated plastic type as these are the strongest and least expensive of the many sign designs available.  With the right type of message they can be reused for elections to come.  In fact we still have over a hundred “Village Voice the People’s Choice” signs left from the 2005 Muni-election. 

  We at the Voice are always searching for ways to solve problems, even in the way we dispose of used campaign signs.  The fuel burned delivering the signs were offset by a planned trip near Mr. Yunkers home.


Monday, May 13th Village of Justice Board Meeting

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Please join Ed Rusch and Hank Oszakiewski, Village Voice members, and all the elected candidates tomorrow evening at 7:30PM, May 13, 2013 at the Village Hall, as they take their oath of office for the next 4 years.