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Moraine Valley Community College is now accepting Business Champion Award Nominations

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Moraine Valley Community College?s Corporate, Community and Continuing Education subdivision is seeking nominations for its 2013 Business Champion Awards.

Nominations are being accepted through August 28 for awards in the following categories: Training and Development?businesses that make a significant investment in their workforce by encouraging lifelong learning; Sustainability?businesses committed to reducing their ecological footprint by incorporating environmentally sustainable practices; Excellence in Government?a leader who demonstrates the foresight to create a healthy community; Philanthropy?a business or individual who demonstrates outstanding philanthropic contributions; Entrepreneur/Small Business Person of the Year?individuals or no more than three partners who operate a small business with a two-year track record and show continued growth; and Women in Business/Leadership Award?a leading woman of influence in business with five to 10 years of professional experience.

Individuals and businesses can be nominated for as many award categories for which they qualify, but they can only win in one category. Entries must include a nomination form and a brief description of the business or individual and why they are being nominated. Self-nominations are accepted.

The awards will be presented at the 19th annual Business Champion Awards?Stars of the Southwest Suburbs onWednesday, November 6, in the college?s Moraine Business and Conference Center. The program recognizes the valuable contributions businesses and their advocates make to the economic development of Chicago?s southwest suburbs.

Nomination forms can be downloaded at For more information call Eda Schrimple at (708) 974-5714 or email her at
For news media inquiries call Jessica Crotty, coordinator of College and Community Relations, at (708) 974-5281, or e-mail her at

The MVCC Business Champion Award Nomination Application Form link is attached below:


A reflection Post Memorial Day

Monday, June 10th, 2013


A Reflection for Memorial Day:

Maybe the Justice Park Board should look in the Mirror.

As a resident of Justice and a current Village Trustee, I wanted to take a few minutes and let our residents know the most recent antics of the Justice Park Board and our beloved Veteran’s Memorial.

A quick review of the situation goes like this; for more than 40 years, a Veteran’s Memorial stood proudly on a little piece of land at Archer and Oak Grove Avenues.  Residents at the time had fund raised and presented the Memorial to our Veterans here in Justice.

For no apparent reason,  the Village Board of 2009 and Park Commissioners’ decided to “move the Memorial” to it’s current place, behind the cell towers in Commissioners Park.  The public outcry was apparent and when  the mayor called for a hearing, the  voices of the residents were ignored by the previous board and the monument was moved anyway.

To date, no clear reason for the move has been determined and lately, the upkeep and maintenance of the monument has fallen into disrepair; especially since the counting of the votes this April.

In 2012, the Village Board was “tapped” by the Park Board for a $33,000 expense to improve the area, place benches, landscaping and all Military flags.  There was fanfare and a ceremony and all of the pomp and circumstance last year for the dedication.

Here is what the Memorial looked like, just a week before Memorial Day Services  for 2013

Unmaintained and unkempt.

I find it troubling that members of the Park Commission would outwardly send a robo-call to the residents endorsing the VIP Party and then once defeated find a way to shirk their responsibility to the residents by way of the Memorial.  Recently, we were told there would be no landscaping in time for the Memorial Service this year.  Why does this anger me?  Well, it seems as though the Park Board did not show up to their first meeting to approve the landscape contract for this year and therefore “Memorial Day would have to wait”  We were told by the Park Director that he could provide us a vendor at a cost to the Village of $500 to do the work.  And by the way the work would be done by a vendor who isn’t even from Justice.  Really?

Here are my questions for the Park Board of Commissioners:

Why is a once per month meeting not attended?

Why did you even bother to run for Commissioner?

Why does the Director of operations not have the authority to spend $500?

What was the importance of moving the Memorial in the first place?

If in fact, you never intended to take care of this keepsake, why don’t you just put it back?

Respectfully Submitted… Sue Small


Residents post with the original Memorial pre-move.